Headaches are a common phenomenon of everyday life, although they are not “Normal”. They’re sort of like walking in Central Park in New York and getting mugged … it’s “Common”, but it’s not “Normal”. You’re not supposed to get mugged in the park but it happens all the time. Headaches are the same, they’re common, but it’s not normal to have them.

Fast headache relief can be accomplished if you pay attention to several things in your life.

1. Beware of what you eat, you can not expect to have good efficiency out of your body if you constantly put bad “fuel” in it. So that Captain Crunch breakfast you had this morning, or those pancakes (white flour then soaked with Maple Syrup) you had this week would not be considered good fuel.

2. Everyone knows that exercise is a big headache relief activity, oh not when you have a headache but prior to ever getting one. Working out regularly is a blood pumping action that will circumvent headaches from occurring.

3. Getting enough rest is often the culprit when it comes to headaches and migraines. You have to get enough rest because your body goes through healing when you are resting.

4. What else might be causing the headaches? Make sure you have the proper curves and alignments in your neck vertebra to prevent headaches. Improper positioning often causes recurrent headaches and migraines.

There are several factors when it comes to headaches that need to be addressed, keep in mind that drugs are not the answer … they’re not even the answer for right now. A body well taken care of can go through life without drugs and stay healthy through. Headaches and Migraines are not supposed to be part of your life.

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Source by Det James