Your eyes are one of the most important organs in the body. Maintaining eye health should be a top priority. Diseases, allergies, infection, and injury can all cause serious problems for the eyes. Doing everything you can to prevent eye injury is imperative. Here are some ways you can protect your eyes.

o Stay healthy: There are diseases and conditions that can affect eye health. Some of them are diabetes, thyroid problems, high blood pressure, and autoimmune conditions. You can not control whether you get an autoimmune or thyroid problem, but you can do your best to prevent diabetes and high blood pressure. Living a healthy lifestyle, keeping your weight in a healthy range, and doing what’s required if you do have one of these conditions is very important. If you already have a health condition that could impact eye health be sure and follow your doctor’s orders and take all medications as prescribed.

o Wear safety glasses: Safety glasses are a must when working around flying objects or with substances that cause dust and debris to float up into the air. Do not complain when your company requires safety glasses when performing your job, they are doing it for you own good.

o Sunglasses: Weaving sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun’s dangerous rays. Ultraviolet rays are harmful to the eye just as much as the skin.

o Contact Lenses: Always clean contact lenses thoroughly between each use. Clean the container that you keep the lenses in often also. It’s even a good idea to change it out every few months. Do not put contact lenses in without cleaning your hands first. Use eye wash and refreshers to keep the contact lenses moist. Dirty or dried out contact lenses can damage the eye. Getting dry contacts out of the eyes can cause cuts and scratches that are very painful, often requiring professional care. Dirty lenses can cause eye infections. Practice healthy contact lenses use.

o Allergies: Take allergy medications, stay inside during high pollen or other high pollution days, and go to the eye doctor if allergies get too bad. If the itching, burning, and redness will not go away with over the counter treatment, go to the eye doctor.

o Eye contact: Do not rub or touch your eyes too often. When our eyes itch we automatically want to rub them. Doing this can cause redness and produce a rash around the eye lids. It’s better to get a wet washcloth and gently wash the eyes. Doing this every morning upon waking will clean any gunk that’s accrued on the eyes overnight.

o Eye doctor: Go to your eye doctor for yearly checkups. Getting the health of your eye checked once a year plays a very important role in eye health.

Doing all of these things will help you maintain good eye health. Take the health of your eyes seriously. The eyes are your window to the world. Make sure the window stays clean and crack free!

Featured Image: Image Optometry
Source by Veronica Valentine