Women who go to the gym are always worried about two things: exercises for the stomach and butt. Forget about presses, weights and the rest, these are things for men who want to pump up. Women just want to look great.

The stomach and butt are areas that are easy to exercise but require determination and constant effort to see actual results. These are also areas that need you to lower your body fat in order to show progress. The body fat is not lowered through exercise but through a healthy diet and cardio training. Do not forget that. Putting that aside, you also need to strengthen the muscles, here I leave you with the best exercises you can add to your routine to get the stomach and butt firm and tight.

The Bicycle Exercise

Said to be the most effective ab exercise according to the American Council of exercise, the Bicycle manoeuvre is a great exercise for all levels of fitness

1. Lie on the floor; make sure your lower back is pressed on the ground.

2. Take your hands behind your ears. Then bring up your knees at a 45-degree angle.

3. Start doing a bicycle pedalling motion. Touch your elbow with the opposite knee (right elbow with left knee and so on, alternating)

4. Breathe relaxed and evenly through the whole exercise.


The squats are not only the best exercises for the butt, but they also work other muscles. If you’re looking for exercises for the stomach and butt do not miss this one:

1. Stand with feet hip-width apart.

2. Squat keeping your back straight with your abs in and knees behind your toes.

3. Squeeze your buttocks to stand up.

4. Make three sets of 12 sets of 12 reps.

These two are the best exercises for the stomach and butt. You must put them into practice regularly to see results, and remember there’s no hurry, do the recommended repetitions at a normal pace to avoid injuries. Good luck!

Source by Paolo Basauri