Stomach fat sucks, I remember when I walked around with my big belly, sometimes it was kinda embarrassing, especially when going to the beach. It is important that we lose it, and not only to look good. Did you know that the size of your stomach determines heart problems? Yes, it does, so it is important to start doing some exercises to lose stomach fat.

There is only on the type of exercises that will do that for you, only one, can you guess it?


Cardio is the type of exercise you need if you want to lose fat, not only in your stomach but in your whole body as well. In case you did not know you can spot-one an area. Many people say “I want to lose fat on my chin”, “I want to slim my arms”, but it does not work like that. The truth is that you’ll be lowering your whole body fat levels – that means your stomach too.

You might be surprised that I did not mention crunches or leg lifts or something like that, but the truth is that those exercises will not make you lose weight, but will work the muscles. They’re definitely important as they shape your tummy and help you get those six pack abs you want. However, for fat purposes, they do not do much good.

If you want to lose stomach fat even faster, work on your nutrition. This can be hard, so I recommend you taking small steps each day, like for example make the habit to replace soda with water. Little by little you’ll cover what at first where long distances.

The exercises to lose stomach are varied, you can choose any type of cardio, as long as you feel comfortable: swimming, running, jumping, you name it. You’ll start seeing better results, and if you combine them with a six pack abs workout, prepare for big things!

Featured Image: SkinnyMs
Source by Paolo Basauri