If you want exercises to get taller, then you are reading the right article. Naturally increasing height through exercise has been used before with great results. Actually, I used it myself and have gained 2 inches. Two inches is the minimum increase you will receive if you follow what I am about to tell you.

If I told you that you can get taller during sleep, would you believe me? Now, I know this is not much of an exercise, you are more of a log when you are sleeping. But whatever I told you a secret that you can use while you are sleeping that will literally aid you in achieving a taller height? The truth is that you can get taller if you sleep without a pillow. Simple is it not?

What this does is help you with properly aligning your body while you sleep, which will enhance the sleeping benefits of getting taller. That is double the benefit.

Stretch to get taller: but not any stretch will work. The best way to stretch to get taller is to stretch for at least 5 minutes before you sleep, and at least 5 minutes after you wake. This prolongs and further encourages your body to adapt to the growth.

If you sleep at the correct time of night which is between 9 pm and 3 am, and you do this while still keeping up the stretches in the daytime, you will shock yourself. This is because you will gain inches without much effort.

Featured Image: How to increase height
Source by Randy Kashkin