To get rid of back fat is the wish of many people. We all know how sexy a healthy, firm, toned back looks, and how a fatty back can detract from your appearance. When it comes to getting the back of your dreams, you need to do 2 things simultaneously: lose back fat and tone the back muscles. Both of these together will ensure that you have a beautiful back.

Even though spot reducing fat is difficult, doing back strength exercises will tone your muscles and provide you with a firm looking back. These exercises need to be part of your overall process to reduce back fat which includes strength exercises, cardiovascular activity, and a proper diet.

3 Exercises to Get Rid of Back Fat

1. The bent over-row – In this exercise, you take a dumbbell, go over to a horizontal bench, place the dumbbell on the floor to one side of the bench, kneeling with one leg on the bench and support yourself with your corresponding hand. Your other leg should be straight and on the floor slightly to the rear. Grasp the dumbbell with your free hand from the floor and pull it towards your lower ribs. Return the dumbbell towards the floor until your arms are stretched. Change arms and repeat.

2. Seated row – This is an exercise you can do at the gym. You sit at the rowing machine with your chest against the pad. Grab both levers of the rowing machine and pull them back until you feel that your elbows have passed your torso. Hold and let the level go slowly back to the starting position.

3. Bent over row with a barbell – Stand with your knees slightly bet. Bend over with a straight back and grab a barbell with both hands. Pull the barbell with both hands until it Touches your waist. Lower the barbell slowly downwards until both of your arms are extended. Repeat this 10-15 times.

Doing these 3 exercises to get rid of back fat is a great way to tone your back muscles. Make sure to fit them into your regular routine and you will see improvement in your upper body shape in general and back in particular.

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