Hair loss is an unfortunate fact of life for many men. Later in their lives, over 50% of men will experience baldness or some degree of hair loss. There are lots of modern medical treatments and other ways to deal with this issue, some more attractive than others. From medication to hair transplants to the good old fashioned toupee – the results you get are determined to some simply by how much you can afford to spend on your treatment of choice.

Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do earlier in your life that will greatly improve the health of your hair, and that may increase the amount of hair that you have later in life.

One of the best natural hair loss treatments is simply to eat a healthy balanced diet. There is a huge range of vitamins and nutrients in healthy foods that your hair needs for strength and growth. High enough levels of certain vitamins can actually increase the rate at which your hair grows. So what foods should you eat?

  • Brown rice, oats, nuts and legumes – all of these contain Biotin, which contributes to healthy hair growth.
  • Beans, carrots, eggs and nuts – these are among the foods high in B group vitamins. B vitamins are some of the most important for the strength and growth of your hair.
  • Dairy, meat, whole grains and seeds – these foods contain minerals such as zinc and iron, which improve immune system function and help stimulate hair growth.

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Source by Daniel Charley