A lot of people make the assumption everyone “knows that” it is much expensive to eat healthy meals rather than just settling for junk foods. A tight budget almost guarantees to decrease those ideal eating routines in numerous ways. Unhealthy food, much of the time are cheap at the grocery store than the more healthy choices, making it a bit too easy for most people to eat junk food rather than the healthier option.

Leave 2017 Behind – Adopt Healthy Eating Your New Years Resolution.

Even when you are dining out, it is cheaper to run into a fast food restaurant than it is to dine at a restaurant that can fresher, more healthy choices.

Your budget crunch does not have to put a lid on healthy eating goals or should a limited budget prevent you from eating better. Simply pursue some easy solutions and think of the healthier possibilities.

Budget-Friendly Suggestions for Healthy Eating

Tip # 1 – Go To The Farmer’s Market

You can usually find a farmer’s market locally in the summertime and, if you are a city tenant, you can find farmer’s markets operating all year. Finding envious bargains is not as rare as you might think and you’ll often come upon amazing items at bargain prices that are always welcome.

If you are not sure where to find a farmer’s market, ask people you believe to be healthy, including those you do not know.

Tip # 2 – Grocery Store Coupons

You can find deals on healthy choices if you are willing to go to different stores for budget-conscious bargains. With regular shopping, it will become obvious that each store consistently has better pricing on certain items, but you must be watchful of the Mother of all sales, so shop around.

Kiss 2017 Diets Goodbye – Adopt Healthy Eating As Your 2018 New Years Resolution.

Tip # 3 – Buy Vegetables and Fruit

Do not be fooled by convenience. ‘Baby carrots’ are not better for you, also, purposely be packaged to hide spoiling and flaws that are, yes, unhealthy, but a waste of your money. You’ll get more nutrients you’re looking for, when you’re willing to do the preparation of your fruits and vegetables, rather than paying somebody else to, with something prepackaged. Packaged fruits and vegetables available at your grocery store cost you more to cover the extra expense of paying the labour required to clean (hopefully – fingers crossed), chop and put into a container.

Even worse, packaged produce, especially fruit, offers your grocery store a way to make more money from products that you would normally discard or throw away if you were preparing it. Fruit that is hard and cut deep into the rind is quite common. Instead of the store throwing those parts out (but they can also end up on the salad bar if your grocery store has one), they have found a way to turn what you would consider garbage into a premium priced item.

Tip # 4 – Welcome Homemade Cooking Into Your Home

Homemade soup is healthier than canned soup, no kidding has much more nutritional benefit. Packaged food is made to retard rapid spoiling, so it should be obvious, that such ‘food’ is chocked full with extra, but completely unnecessary calories, sugars, sodium – (salt), and you do not want to know about the mystery ingredients you’ve never heard of, plus a surprise dead insect – or a still alive one! – every once and awhile. And although, not something that is easily advertised or bragged about, there are many canned foods, major household names among them, that if kept sealed can survive a nuclear blast. Do you really want something scientifically concocted to last for literal decades, ever going past your lips?

A cookbook even from your local library, so you do not have to spend a dime on your food budget may have a learning curve, but recipes are made to be easy and step-by-step. Side note: the newest edition of, ‘The Joy of Cooking’ I can attest is a wise way to spend your money. Although, I am an admitted “foodie”, others have told me that they have caught them sitting down and reading the new, Joy of Cooking like it was a novel, full of insight, passion and soul.

Healthy eating is attainable and the best part is you can do it while saving time, money and possibly yourself, health-wise. How to persuade someone to eat healthy obviously is not a budget-thing, but more importantly a health issue. Healthy eating affects all who consume what you buy. So, if you do not care about yourself, (I do and you should), consider your spouse, parents, kids, friends, neighbours and siblings who are stuck suffering through the results of a poor diet. If you could eliminate the “healthy eating costs too much” myth, what’s holding you back from enjoying a healthier, higher quality of life?

Featured Image: The Rotary Club of Frisco
Source by Jackie Black