Workouts and Exercises

There is more than a little bit of confusion when it comes to the subject of workouts and exercises. Namely, many will assume the two are one and the same. This is not an accurate assessment as there is a huge difference between the two. Why is it necessary to know the difference between exercises and workouts? Basically, you need to know the difference in order to make the gains you want when you hit the gym.

The first thing you must learn here is that there is a major difference between a workout program and doing random exercise in terms of their structure. When you take part in a workout, you are involving yourself in something that has a clearly defined and identified goal or series of goals.

When you wish to lose fat and build up your muscle mass, you must have a clear pathway in order to attain such outcomes. Randomness will not lead to the attainment of such goals. Yet, many will opt to employ the exercise attitude towards working out. That is never a wise plan to follow because there really is no plan present.

When you make the decision to exercise, you commonly will head to the gym and start to perform whatever exercises you feel would be appropriate on that day. It is very common for people to look at others working out and just try to duplicate their actions. Other times you just might try certain exercises because they look cool.

Now, you will work up a sweat doing this and your body will burn off a certain amount of calories. Your heart will gain some benefit and your physique might slightly improve over time. That said, you will still be selling yourself incredibly short. Why is this so?

Basically, you would not even remotely be making the same gains you would make if you were following a legitimate workout program with legitimate and attainable goals in place.

With your workout routine, you will define a goal such as losing 10 lb of fat while also increasing your shoulder mass to make it more symmetrical with your torso and hips.

Then, you would devise the right workout system needed to attain such a result and follow through with it in your weekly sessions for, say, a 90 day period. This is but a single example of how you could craft workout goals. You are not limited to this method as you can always create your own system that works effectively for you.

One thing that must be expressed here is the issue of flexibility. In short, you must never craft workout routines that will never be changed or altered. Your fitness goals may change or need alteration and that is fine as long as you make the changes in the appropriate manner.

Yes, there is certainly a major difference between workouts and exercises. Understanding these differences would be a major benefit to those hoping to succeed with their goals to the best degree possible. And who would not want to attain the greatest possible exit?

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Source by Darragh Holland