Chinese food. It’s certainly tasty enough, but is it healthy? In these modern days of looking good and feeling good, this is a question that might often be on the lips of anyone who has just devoured an egg fu yung. Well, the answer to the question is that, yes, authentic Chinese cooking is very healthy. In fact, the Chinese diet may be one of the healthiest in the world.

Sadly the same can not be said about the meals prepared at some Chinese restaurants or takeaways, where the food is often prepared with highly Saturated fats and the meat used in the preparation of the recipes is not exactly of the leanest cut. The meals prepared in establishments like this are either authentic or healthy. Although they may very well be extremely tasty. But at what cost to the diner’s health?

Good, authentic – and healthy – Chinese food is prepared and cooked with poly-unsaturated oils and has no use for dairy ingredients such as cream, butter, or cheese. Meat is included in the recipes but is not of an abundant quantity. So lovers of authentic Chinese cooking are easily able to avoid the dangers associated with the intake of too much animal fat in their diet.

So in answer to the question: ‘Is Chinese food healthy?’ the answer is a very definite, yes, but you must be sure that the Chinese meal that you are eating is an authentic Chinese meal prepared in the traditional manner and using only traditional and healthy ingredients. You can have your cake and eat it; just as long as you know that it is the right kind of cake you are eating.

Source by Melanie R. Craig