Push-ups are a great exercise for the chest, but, how many push-ups a day are appropriate? Let’s examine the push-up and your workout routine a little more closely.

Push-ups are a fantastic exercise for strengthening the arms, the back, the chest, and the core of the body. Many people do not like to do them, especially women. However, it’s an important exercise to do, even for women. You have to start somewhere, so, even if you think you can not do one, it’s great to do just one a day until you can work yourself up to two a day.

To continue constantly building up that foundation can increase your muscle endurance and your strength. The reason most people do not like to do them is that they feel that they can not. This exercise can be a great base foundation for any workout routine. So, once again, even if you can not do one, start out on your knees and work your way up.

It can actually be sort of fun to challenge yourself. Set yourself a goal for fifty push-ups, and even if starting at one a day, try to do three the following week. In the military, they to PT tests, and for one branch of the military, if you can do 57 in a minute, you are ranked at the highest score, which for them is a 10 in that category. So, you can also challenge yourself by seeing how many you can do in a minute. It’s a bit more difficult to do them faster.

As you get stronger, this will become much easier for you. So, how many you should do a day depends on you. I like the way the military does it to test yourself how many you can do in a minute. This gives you a goal to work towards. And if you can already do 57 in a minute, you can go for more. Or you can even see how many you can do in two minutes time.

For most people, even 30 seconds of push-ups can be difficult. So, always build yourself up to a higher goal. And when you achieve it, reach even higher. So, where ever you are starting at is great! The answer to how many push-ups you should be doing in your workout routines is not a straightforward answer. Any amount of push-ups you can do will be an extra added benefit to your core workout!

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