Here are a couple chest exercises for women that will help you uplift your breasts and enhance cleavage. You do not even need to go to a gym. You can do this at home in just a short amount of time. Take 2 minutes and read this now if you want to make your look nicer.

Chest Exercises for Women

1. Hands wide pushups

These are great for firming and uplifting your chest. BUT … be sure your hands are wide and kinda high. What I mean by wide is that when you’re going down for the pushup, your chest does not touch your hands. You can do these pushups on your knees if doing them on your toes is too hard.

I recommend that you do as many as you can, 3 sets a day. Rest 45-60 seconds between sets. For best results, do these 5-6 times a week. You should probably start noticing less of a sag within 12 days or so.

2. Hand pushes in front of your body

This is a great isometric tension exercise that helps to enhance cleavage. What you do is take the palms of your hands and touch them in together in front of you … kinda like you’re praying. Then push the hands against each other as hard as you can for 5-10 seconds. Rest 15 seconds and repeat. Keep repeating for a total of 3 minutes. Do this 4 times a week.

These 2 chest exercises for women are great if you want to uplift your breasts and enhance cleavage … so give them a try for a couple weeks.

Featured Image: LIVESTRONG.COM
Source by Jennifer Jolan