The inability to find any suitable help for his construction company perplexed my friend for a long time. He completely failed to comprehend why no one was ready to do what he had done for the last 20 years honest, hard, grueling work carrying materials and moving equipment. He did not realize that the young generation found it to be hard work because they had not experienced natural bodybuilding like he had. The building of such functional strength always has its advantages rather than working out at the gym.

It was a story that the term functional strength came to my notice. It was a fable about a railroad worker named John Henry who had gained so much strength working with a sledgehammer every day that when faced with a challenge against a steam drill, he was able to drill out a tunnel all by himself, with his sledgehammer, in the process defeating the machine. And though it is just a fable, it has some truth in it that you need a lot of hard work to build your body and strength.

Although for very small time frames, almost all bodybuilders can lift a lot of weight. But if they are told to do it until drained out, they will not be able to do it. Similarly, while working out 500lbs seems too good but the fact is that any New York city trash collector carries lifts near about 13 tons of garbage every day. It is this, which is called natural bodybuilding. For real fights, you need power on a long-term basis, as without energy and tenacity you won’t win. So one should not stop working out with weights in the gym, but one should use that as the only means of building their body.

Doing manual labor like chopping firewood and the like is a good way to build up strength and staying fit, but since not everyone lives a farm life and are mostly cooked up in nine to five jobs, there are other options and alternatives to build functional strength. Calisthenic exercises are such an alternative. Here you do not need to use any machine for a workout. You just use your own body to stay fit. Push-ups, jogging, sit-ups are such wonderful exercises, which can help in natural bodybuilding and improve your constitution. If working with weights is already a part of your daily routine just make sure you include all such calisthenic exercises into your time to stay stronger and fitter.

The notice that if you learn martial arts you will be able to win a fight is probably true to an amount but if you do not possess functional strength then no amount of techniques will help you win. So keeping a good shape, through natural bodybuilding is the most important thing to do. Remember, if you can sustain your fight for a long time there are more chances you will emerge as a winner.

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Source by Stephen D. Sutton