According to a recent ABC News poll, Americans are showing a strong tendency of ignoring Mom’s advice by consistently skipping breakfast
. In fact, almost half of the population between the ages of 18 and 54 skip breakfast on a regular basis.

Skipping breakfast has been shown to guarantee lower performance at the workplace and in the classroom, including tired brains, sluggish bodies and cranky moods. There is a center in the brain that registers when the body is missing nutrients. By mid-morning, many breakfast-cutters may indulge in a pick-me-up like coffee or a candy bar, but this is hardly enough to really sustain the body until lunch time. Beside, we’re the most recent to making unhealthy meal choices and eating
larger-than-life portions when we’re super-hungry. Let’s keep it real. What would growl stomach choose: a Big Mac with
fries or a Caesar salad?

Are You a Breakfast Bum?

If breakfast were a class, how often do you cut? Many of us that do not eat breakfast happen to have very valid reasons as to
why (or so we think). Here’s our response.

“I’m trying to lose weight”

Skipping meals does not help you to lose weight. As a matter of fact, it appears to make weight control more difficult for reasons stated
above. Also, research shows people that eat breakfast regularly tend to be leaner than people who skip. Let’s put it
This way: to help the body to conserve energy as it goes without food, the body’s metabolism slows while we sleep. Feeding
your body in the morning gives your metabolism the jump start it needs – giving you more energy and allowing your body to burn more calories through the day.

“I’m not hungry in the morning”

Do not get it twisted: breakfast does not have to be a full spread, four course meal. A hard boiled egg (yolk removed) with some hummus or just a small cup of good cereal with some soy milk will do the trick.
“I do not have time. I need my sleep”
Let’s put this in perspective: the 10-15 minutes it takes to prepare and consume a humble breakfast would give you much more mileage than that extra 10-15 minutes under the covers.

“No time-the kids make it impossible”

Stuffing your kids’ mouths with Pop Tarts or Dunkin Donuts is not instilling good breakfast habits in your children. Studies show that children perform better in school when they’ve eaten a healthy breakfast. We know it gets hectic, but breakfast should be a priority and do not forget to partake yourself. Children who see their parents eat breakfast are more likely to follow suit. Beside, quality time with the family looks to be dwindling these days. How about you and the kids sitting down for cereal using this time to discuss plans for the upcoming day? Heck, you can even use paper bowls and plates!

“Breakfast makes me more hungry”

We guarantee you that a protein-rich, Zone balanced breakfast will do no such thing. Breakfasts consisting of simple carbs such as white bread, bagels, refined grains such as corn and white rice and sugary kids’ cereals puts your blood sugar on the high end of the Richter scale. By that we mean they have a high glycemic index, which means they are broken down into
sugars in the body quickly. When your blood sugar comes down from the high, you’re ready to eat every and any thing that is not moving. Cereal selection is very important. Remember that you are counting on it for your day’s foundation.

If you have used two or more of these excuses for not eating breakfast, then you should definitely reevaluate your relationship
with the first meal of the day and find a way to make breakfast a part of your daily routine.

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Source by Ryan Joseph