Supersetting involves performing one exercise; and then, without any rest, performing a second exercise that works for a similar or opposing muscle group. Only after performing both exercises in the sequence do you rest for a couple of minutes. Then you perform your next superset. In Pumping Iron, Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about how great the muscle pump feels. The muscles fill with blood and all and become very hard, swollen and much larger.

“The greatest feeling you can get in a gym or the most satisfying feeling you can get in a gym is the pump. really tight feeling like your skin is going to explode at any minute.It’s really tight. “It’s like someone blowing air into your muscle.

Supersetting a biceps exercise with a triceps exercise will give you, without doubt, the most incredible pumped sensation that you’ll ever experience. Your arms will blow up like balloons. To prove this to yourself take a look in the mirror before and after your superset workout, and take before- and after-workout arm measurements. I also like to tap on my arms as I’m going along to gauge the hardness of my pump and effectiveness of my workout.

Give these supersets a try. The first four I listed involve supersetting a biceps exercise with a triceps exercise. The last one involves supersetting two triceps exercises. But since the triceps make up 2/3 of your arm mass, it makes sense to do a little extra for your triceps – plus it’s a killer combination.

sorted dumbbell curl

narrow-grip barbell bench press

2-3 supersets of 5-10 reps

EZ barbell preacher curl

pulley pushdown

2-3 supersets of 5-10 reps

EZ barbell concentration curl

parallel bar dips

2-3 supersets of 5-10 reps

incline-bench dumbbell curl

lying dumbbell extension (holding one dumbbell with both hands)

2-3 supersets of 5-10 reps

triceps dips between benches

dumbbell pullover (holding one dumbbell with both hands)

2-3 supersets of 5-10 reps

Note: I’ve always done the biceps exercise first in the superset, but it might be interesting to change it up by doing the triceps exercise first.

These supersets have worked for me over the years to put some decent size on my arms. You can design your own supersets by alternating two of your favourite biceps/triceps exercises. Just keep in mind that when you’re going back and forth between two different exercises, other lifters may show up at any moment and unload your barbell, steal your dumbbells, etc. Therefore it is wise to set up the two exercises close to one another. That way it’s easy to jump in and say, “Hey, I’ve still got a couple more sets on that.”

Featured Image: Muscle & Fitness
Source by John S. Howard