Do you eat for pleasure or for health and wellness? The Road to Victory leads to a permanent fat loss? You do not put water in your car’s gas tank and you do not water your lawn with gasoline. If you did you would kill your lawn and your car would not work. But when it comes to our bodies, we eat foods that have the same results as the above example.

People struggle with being overweight, obese, diabetes, and many health-related problems. Better food choices give you the opportunity to lose fat and develop a lifestyle that will allow you to live a healthy, disease and illness free life.

How does one start on the road to making good food choices? It starts with education and support. Become a student of healthy nutrition. Start a program for weight loss and permanent fat loss. Learn to read food labels in order to identify danger foods and danger ingredients. Learn about the different foods that our body needs to be healthy.

Does this food item support my immune system so that my body can fight diseases and illnesses? Along with education, you need support in order to make changes and develop new healthy habits. Having a coach, mentor or an accounting partner is essential in building a healthy lifestyle permanently. That person or persons will help to establish goals as you develop healthy habits.

It is important to remember that today matters. You can not change yesterday, but for today you can make good choices that add up to big changes over time. Keep a record of your changes and progress. This will also give you accountability and visible sign of positive change. Lots of gradual change over time will give you that healthy lifestyle that you desire.

Where and how you shop will help you make good food choices. Find a health food store and shop there for some items. At the regular grocery store know what areas that you should avoid. Many aisles are loaded with “Danger Foods”. Stay away from processed foods. Stay away from foods that are canned or in bottles. Load up on fresh fruits and vegetables, and buy organic and locally grown when possible. When shopping looks for healthy snacks. Another example, when buying eggs, cheap eggs are not going to have the same nutrition as free range / organic eggs. Becoming a student of nutrition will save money at the doctor’s office and save you unnecessary pain and suffering from the results of years of poor nutrition and a lack of exercise.

Making better choices today will give you a healthy lifestyle that gives you more energy and more years of a quality life. You can have a permanent fat loss.

Featured Image: MUSCLE & FITNESS
Source by Gerry J Geraghty