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Do you find this to be somewhat irritating too? Even the so-called fitness professionals cannot seem to agree on the best exercises for abs. I think much of the confusion exists because some personal trainers and experts just do not take the time to ask themselves what the abdominal muscles really do and how to train them most effectively. I am going to unforgettable for you the 3 worst exercises for abs and reveal 7 of the best exercises for abs.

The best exercises for abs involve 3 important characteristics:

1. stabilize the trunk
2. Slow down trunk extension
3. rotate or slow down the rotation of the spine and trunk.

So, here are 3 of the worst exercises for abs.

1. Crunches: There are far more efficient exercises than the traditional crunch. When standing, it does not take much effort to flex the trunk. And since most of the strength we need in our abdominals comes when we are standing, crunches are not the best abs exercise for functional activities.

2. Leg Raises: You have to be very careful when doing the leg raises. If done incorrectly, it can lead to low back pain and chronic injury. Because the hip flexors are the primary movers in the leg raise and they attach to the lumbar spine, they can create a tremendous amount of pressure and pull on the spine. Although it I do not think it is the most effective exercise, the captain’s chair is a better alternative.

3. Ab Machines: Most of the time a machine is only going to work one of the functions of the abdominal muscles. In addition, it is hard to find a machine that matches your specific movement pattern. In fact, you probably will not be able to. So, avoid machines.

Now for my list of the best exercises for abs. You may not have considered some of these as abdominal exercises in the past because they are usually used to train a different muscle group. However, almost all of them meet the criteria mentioned above.

1. Renegade Dumbbell Rows: This is basically a push up with a single arm horizontal row. Not only do you have to perform a push-up, which by itself is one of the best abdominal exercises, but you have to prevent rotation as you pull one of the weights to your chest while the other hand is on the floor. Great exercise!

2. Kettlebell Swing: The up and down motion of the kettlebell swing requires a tremendous amount of stability throughout the back and spine. When it is performed using one hand, an anti-rotation component is added as well.

3. Front Squat: I know, this is not your traditional abdominal exercise but think about it for a minute. The amount of stabilization necessary to support the movement of the body during a front squat is incredible.

4. Push Up Variations: Just about anyone can do a variation of the push-up. You are only limited by your creativity. It is one of the best exercises for abs because it requires stabilization of the spell and trunk as well as prevention of excess extension of the spell. Try lifting one of your hands off of the ground and you have now introduced an anti-rotation component.

5. Mountain Climber or Cross Body Mountain Climber: These two exercises stimulate all 3 of the functions of the abdominals: stabilization, anti-rotation, and prevention of excess extension.

6. Woodchopper: grab a medicine ball, kettlebell or a weight plate and stand in a short squat position. Begin with your hands to the outside of one knee and raise the weight at a diagonal angle with straight arms to the opposite side outside of your shoulder. Repeat this beginning from the other knee.

7. Gymball Rollout: This is probably one of the best exercises for abs to prevent hyperextension. You also have the benefit of stabilization with movement.

Bonus. Spiderman Push Up: start in a push-up position. As you perform a push up bring one knee forward and to the side so that it touches the elbow. On the next substitution switch legs. For added difficulty, move the left arm forward as the right knee Touches the right elbow.

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