I am often asked this question by my buddies and people that I meet. In my opinion, it is somewhat of a loaded question. So, I invariably give everyone the same response, “Your way.” Most of the time I just get blank stares until I explain what I mean.

There are so many misconceptions about developing rock-solid six-pack abs that all will envy. Unfortunately for consumers, clever marketing has caused a microwave mentality in our society. Instant gratification is always the soup of the day.

Before I go any further, I want to explain that I’m not a celebrity fitness guru or a world-renounced six-pack abs nutritionist but I am a guy who has built a sexy, ripped midsection from the ground up. This is only said to prove that is possible for an average joe to get six pack abs, which is undetected epitomizes the zenith of health and fitness.

Back To “Your Way”

Just like there is no best way to get rich, the best way to find love, or the best way to (you fill in the blank). Every person desiring to have a sexy, awe-inspiring stomach takes there own path. No two people are alike and you must take that consideration when you embark on your six pack journey. No one knows your body better than you.

There are some fundamental truths that you must understand and embrace before you even think about journeying towards the holy grail of fitness health, the seemingly unattainable six pack. For me, there were three keys that unlocked the doors to my success. Yes, there could be quite a few more you but these sealed the deal for me.

1. Defining A Strong Enough Reason “why?”
2. A Relentless Commitment To Achieving Your Goal
3.Take It One Day At A Time

I know, I know. I can hear some of you saying “That’s it, you’ve got to be kidding me.” Notice I did not mention a single diet plan, “hypnotic fat burning, six pack ab chant”, or even an exercise. This goes back to you following your own path. This got me thinking, “Why do not I put together a no-nonsense ab program that will be a blueprint or a guide to those wanting to have six-pack abs?” And then it happened.

Major Buzz Kill

While in the process of researching the industry, I came across a guy that had beat me to it. He had already created the program I had in mind but had outdone my vision tenfold. It’s called Your Six Pack Quest by Vince DelMonte. I was so impressed that I decided to use his six pack abs program to take my abs to the next level. Whether you pay a personal trainer to help you achieve washboard abs or get your routine out a Cracker Jack box, the 3 keys to success mentioned above will give you a great head start.

Featured Image: Lean It Up

Source by Stephen Cauldry