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If you want to have a body that is fit and tight, you need the best abs workout that is most effective. There are many abs exercises available, but certain ones are more efficient at others in giving you an ideal shape.

Here are a few tips for a best abs workout that will get your core rock hard.

The plank exercises look as if it is a kind of pushup, but in reality, it is an ab exercise at heart. The exercise involves placing the body in a push position while bending the elbows and resting on the forearms. From this position, hold your abs inward for 30 seconds, then release and repeat after resting for 30 seconds. The exercise is simple to accomplish, but it has a great effect in increasing core strength at the abs.

For a little more intense exercise on the abs, the mountain climber works well. From a pushup position, raise one knee towards your chest and Best Abs Workout hold it in place for two seconds. Lower the knee and switch legs, bringing the other knee to the chest. Continue this for 30 seconds, rest and repeat. The motion creates the effect of a person climbing a mountain, which exercises the core with each lift.

You can use your leg as a means of working out your abs with the climb up exercise. Wrap a cloth around one foot, while the other is placed on the floor with a bent knee while you lay down. Hold tightly onto the cloth and lift yourself forward with each hand, hold for 2 seconds when you reach the top. Go back down the cloth and repeat the exercise again at least 8 reps, repeating on the other leg as well. With each pull on the cloth, your abs contract as if you were climbing a rope.

The knee up is probably one of the best abs workout exercises you can perform. Simply use two chairs of the same height or two surfaces of equal height that can support your weight. Hold on to each one and lift your knees towards your chest, keeping your body in the air. Bring your knees back down, but do not touch the ground, as you’ll need to repeat the exercise for 8 reps.

When you’ve worked out your abs, you can really feel the impact of each exercise. Using these exercises, you can have the best abs workout of all time.

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