More and more people are getting aware of the benefits of organically manufactured and cultivated food and as a result, they tend to appreciate and follow an organic diet. Its better taste is not the major aspect behind its widespread acceptability, rather people are more interested in the fact that the organic food is devoid of toxins that are harmful to our health. In view of this increase in awareness, there has been a constant increase in the number of people who prefer to have environment-friendly food and it is going to be the norm of the day in the near future.

Our normal food contains hormones, preservatives, and additives which make them hazardous not only to the consumers but also to the environment. Widespread use of pesticides and fertilizers in agriculture is a major factor in making our food unhealthy.

People have access to all sort of information in this era of information explosion. Our generation is extremely lucky since it is not at all a daunting task to know what is good for us. With the help of various media, now we know the risk of taking detrimental food that contains toxins. Another factor contributed to the reputation of organically developed food is that many organizations and companies start promoting such food. A few years before, it was not available in the market and therefore it was impractical to turn to organic food even if someone wanted to avoid unsafe food.

Knowing the growth in demand for organic food, many people and even multinational companies have ventured in the process of production and sale of such commodities. The only drawback of organic food is its high pricing compared to its counterpart. However, when we take the benefits of organic food into consideration, the price difference is undoubtedly ignorable. Just think of the harmful effect of organic food on our vital organs and the subsequent problems that we may encounter in the future which will lead to psychological trauma and financial loss.

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Source by Harikumar Kavitha