A debate that has been raging for the last few years boils down to one basic thought: is healthy coffee a myth or a reality? Many researchers believe that the health benefits of drinking a cup of coffee greatly outweigh the supposed ill effects of the drink. There is so much information available on the pros and cons of drinking coffee that many consumers are becoming confused. Is coffee a healthy drink or is it harmful to the body and best avoided? Let’s try to answer that question.

What Is Healthy Coffee?

First, let’s define what healthy coffee is. it is an eight-ounce cup of regular black coffee with no added whitening agents, flavorings, or sugar. When consumed as a basic product with no additives, coffee is a low fat, low sugar, low-calorie beverage. It is when the consumer starts to add items like cream, milk, flavored syrups, and chocolate that the drink starts becoming unhealthy. Some of the coffee drinks sold in coffee shops can have as many calories as a? Pound cheeseburger from a leading fast food restaurant.

What Benefits Does Healthy Caffeine Provide?

Recent studies have suggested that healthy coffee can provide a variety of health benefits to consumers. The antioxidant properties of coffee are highly prized and can help reduce the risk of cancer in some individuals. These antioxidant properties also act as anti-inflammatory agents, protecting the body from minor injury. Healthy Caffeine has also been found to ease and speed the passage of waste in the bowels, reducing the risk of constipation and hemorrhoids.

It is also believed that the consumption of healthy caffeine may reduce an individual’s risk of developing diabetes. Studies have found that individuals that drink more than three cups of coffee daily reduced their risk of developing diabetes by about 20%. If those cups were filled with decaf coffee, the percentage jumped to between 30 to 40 percent. Studies are still trying to determine why this link between healthy coffee and diabetes exists and researchers are trying to find a way to apply these findings to daily life.

Although healthy caffeine does not belong in the same category as fruit juice and water for healthiest drinks, it certainly is better for you than first believed. Coffee will never replace the fruits, vegetables, and grains that are so important to our daily diet, but it may prove to be a welcome addition to them. The antioxidant properties of healthy caffeine may provoke to keep us healthy as well.

Featured Image: Science Daily

Source by John Hilaire