They say that health is wealth. One can not be healthy if one’s diet enterprises of things such as meat which the human body is not properly designed to digest. Anatomists estimate that the intestinal tract of carnivorous animals, such as the big cats, is very small in length, especially when compared to that of human animals. This is so because the toxic substances found in the meat are supposed to be removed quickly, lest they get absorbed by the body. That is exactly what happens when we eat meat. Such toxic bio-chemicals cause serious diseases like cancer to us in a long run. Our digestive system is more disposed off towards dealing with fruits and vegetables. The vermiform appendix, which is found in the digestive tract of the alimentary canal, indicates that we have evolved from a species which were able to digest even cellulose.

The fact that non-vegetarian diet exponentially increases that risk of cancer has been clinically proven and scientifically established through various studies. According to research conducted by a group of independent scientists from Germany and United Kingdom, non-vegetarians are pre-cancer as much as 40% more than vegans. Partly, this is because vegetarian food consists of certain phytochemicals that are responsible for eliminating the factors responsible for causing cancer. Studies conducted at the Harvard University reflect that the risk of colon cancer is increased by as much as 300% if the meat is consumed on a daily basis. It is a well-known fact that meat eaters have weaker bones than that of vegans, owed to unhealthy WBCs of the latter.

Vegetarian diet, on the contrary, is healthy, balanced and provide all the nutrition that is required by our body. It is low in fat content, rich in the roughage that is totally absent from meat and dairy products and contains all the essential micronutrients.

Even from a sociological point of view, vegetarianism is of great significance. Every year millions of tons of high protein soya beans and other such crops are consumed by the poultry industry worldwide. There is the Ten Percent Law that says only 10% of nutrition from such raw material is extremely utilized by the humans. The rest is consumed by the animal’s metabolism. That means if we were to eat those soya beans directly, we would get 90% more yield than what we are getting now. Every day countless people go to sleep hungry in the third world countries of Africa and Asia, simply because there is no food to eat at all. Provided that there is a mass conversion to vegetarianism and that the operations of the poultry industry are significantly reduced, we would be able to deliver those people from their sight by providing them with highly nutritious food crops at very affordable costs.

It is in one’s own interest to avoid non-vegetarian diet in favour of a vegetarian one. According to an old Hindu proverb, “Body is the sacred temple of God”. Let us keep it that way and not turn it into a catacomb for dead animals.

Featured Image: Vegan Travel
Source by Alison Z. Price