Everybody knows that “Health is better than wealth”. In today’s world, most of us are educated and some of us read a lot. Health information are everywhere around us and easily available for those who seek for deeper understanding. In fact they are also free as abundant information can easily be found in the Internet, public libraries and hospitals. For those who can afford to buy, all types of health books are easily found in bookstores.

Yet with this vast knowledge available, what did we do? Most of us just simply read through and although we may acknowledge the health benefits of following a healthy lifestyle and the consequences of not following it, yet most of us just tend to put it off. We always have reasons or excuses to postpone changing our sedentary unhealthy lifestyle to tomorrow. We keep telling ourselves, we will definitely start to follow a healthy lifestyle tomorrow. Tomorrow becomes today and we put if off again for tomorrow and it will forever end up always waiting for tomorrows.

Some of us may even be plagued by minor or non-life threatening health problems, yet we continue to repeat the cycle of late nights, little sleep, drinking, smoking and eating our favorite tasty food full of unhealthy fats, oil, salt, sugar , coloring and preservatives. Main activities at home are spent located in front of the TV or computer, munching chocolate bars or crispy chips accompanied by sweetened or alcoholic drinks. Exercising is the farthest thing in your mind. The same goes for eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Even when suffering minor illnesses and ill health, seeking healing remedies and eating healthy diets are still not important. Just the fact that it is not life-threatening, the motivation and the energy to change is still not there. We still want to enjoy life to the fullest and current lifestyle holds much greater appeal than laying the foundation for future health or working towards recovery of minor illnesses.

Granted, living a healthy lifestyle is not easy and requires tremendous amount of discipline but the benefits and value you get far outweighs any time and effort you have put in and is worth every sacrifice you have to make.

You may well argue that some people who strive hard to stick to a proven regime still fail to remain healthy. Yes, that is absolutely true. There are major factors out there that can sabotage our endeavors to live a healthy life and they are our hormones and genes. Still if we are determined not to give up the fight, miracles of natural healing, professionally prescribed medication or proven supplements can overcome the odds.

Health should never ever be taken for granted. We have to work hard to achieve and maintain good health no matter what it takes. Let us not wait to discover too late that life is no longer meaningful or in the worst case, suffer prolonged pain and torture.

Take charge of your health now. Exercise often, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, eat healthy diets – low fat, low salt, low sugar, high fiber, high calcium, etc, stay trim, have work life balance, manage stress effectively, sleep early and drink lots of water . Our body has natural healing powers. Learn about natural healing. Learn how to use food as our medicine. If we are already experiencing minor illnesses, learn the right type of natural healing treatments or enjoy the right healthy recipes for the right ailments. Natural healing treatments available are aromatherapy, flower remedies, home remedies, juicing recipes, etc. Healthy recipes ranges from longevity recipes from the 5 well-known longevity villages in the world today, diabetic recipes, allergy-free recipes, high-fiber recipes and many more. Try to enhance our health or cure ourselves through the natural and holistic way first to avoid potential side-effects or chemical reactions from medicinal drugs or surgeries. You have nothing to lose by trying these out first before taking the more drastic path. Take good care of your health. Your health is in your hands.

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Source by Geok Eng Loh