Ever start eating ice-cream and could not stop? Ever start eating potato chips and ended up eating half of the family size bag? Ever start eating slices of pizza and ended up eating half of a large pizza?

If you have then you have asked yourself how to stop eating. Whether you want to stop eating junk food or stop eating fast foods these steps will help you.

  1. Understand Why We Eat Junk Foods. Junk foods, processed foods are manufactured to taste so good in your mouth. They often satisfy your taste buds instantly. So even though they are not good for you in the long term, when you do consume them they satisfy you instantly.
  2. Instant Gratification vs Long Term Gratification. To stop eating junk foods you need to differentiate between instant gratification and long-term gratification. Eating a junk food or a fast food is instantly gratifying. However, how do you feel 2-3 hours later? Usually a little tired, lazy, out of energy etc. What happens if you keep eating those kinds of foods? You will slowly gain weight, deteriorate your body, and lower the quality of your life.
  3. Dieting vs Healthy Eating Habits. Going on a diet and cutting out all junk foods from your diet immediately will not help you improve your eating habits. It will only make you crave junk foods even more. One day, in a moment of weakness, you will crash and eat every unhealthy processed food in sight, or in other words, have a binge eating episode. You should rather aim for building life long healthy eating habits. Building a habit requires gradual slow change. Maybe cut out one junk food from your diet every couple of weeks. This will help you improve your eating habits in an easy natural manner.
  4. Buy Junk Foods in Small Portion Sizes. Instead of buying a huge bag of potato chips, buy the single serving individual sized one. This will help you stay strong in moments of weakness where you feel like binge eating on unhealthy processed foods.
  5. Do not Eat For Comfort. Often junk foods and fast foods are comfort foods. Comfort foods is what we try to eat to deal with tough emotions like stress, fear, worry, sadness, bore dome etc. Catch yourself when you are about to reach for comfort foods. Pause and question your emotional state. What events or emotions in your life lead to your cravings for comfort foods?

Featured Image: FoodGuruz.in
Source by Andrew B