Eat Early

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day. And in terms of trying to speed up your metabolism, this is indeed the case! There are a couple of reasons why eating a hearty and healthy breakfast can speed up metabolism and contribute to weight loss goals.

The first reason is that people who eat breakfast are much less inclined to snack through the morning and this aids in the process to speed up your metabolism.For example, if you had a good breakfast of fruit and low-sugar cereal in the morning, your chances of visiting the vending machine at work around 10:30 am diminish significantly.

It truly means that, since you will not be highly hungry at 10:30 am (because you skipped breakfast), you’ll be less than equal to eat anything that you get your hands on; such as a nice donut that your co-worker was kind enough to offer you.

By starting your day in a nutritious way, you’ll have more control over what you eat throughout the day.

The second reason is more aligned with the speed of your metabolism. Studies have shown that metabolism slows during sleep, and does not generally get moving again until you eat.

Therefore, starting the day with breakfast is like kick starting your metabolism.

Do not Hate Calories

More food can speed up your metabolism. We constantly discover calorie reduced or low calorie foods. And it’s not rare to overhear someone gasp about the huge calorie content of certain foods, such as a rich and creamy desert, or a giant fast food burger.

All of this anti-calorie hot air therefore has made many of us pretty calorie-phobic; as soon as we see food that has lots of calories, we run away. But is this sensible?

Yes and no. Yes, it’s sensible in the sense that avoiding that double-layer chocolate fudge cake for desert is probably a good idea (actually, scratch that; it is a good idea). There’s no real nutritional value that your body needs from these types of calories.

But in the bigger picture, it’s unwisely for your metabolism to become calorie-avoidant.


Many people especially some women are very wary about taking on any exercise regimen that can lead to muscle building.

The old perception was that muscle building leads to muscle bulking, and soon, bulging forearms veins and other unwanted results. Honestly, this is not the case.

Provided that women are not supporting their exercises with specific muscle-building supplements, there’s no need to be worried; because building lean muscle will not make you bulk up and will lead to speeding your metabolism .

Still, yet, the question remains: why would women (and, of course, men) who would like to speed up their metabolism revolve around muscle building? Is not cardiovascular exercise the only thing that counts?

Again, the answer is: No! As well as a healthy and responsible cardiovascular program, muscle building is an exceptionally powerful way to speed up your metabolism if done correctly.

How? A kilo of muscle burns more calories than a kilo of fat.

Get Sleep

This is a toughie. Most of us do not have as much control over the amount that we sleep as we should. Work, family, education, housekeeping, and so many other tasks can prevent us from getting the amount of sleep that we need.

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Source by Gail Faulkner