Note this routine is great for both girls and guys. If you look at results you will notice I am not that big but rather toned. So girls, do not worry about looking bulky from this. My ex-tried this routine. She lost 15 pounds in the first month. She loves it.

I developed this routine with the idea that I could keep myself in good shape by spending just 20 minutes per day exercising. The objective of this routine is to perform exercises one after another, without much resting in between. This will work your cardio as well as develop muscle and muscle tone.

Before I start I would like to inform you I plan to have a good set of pictures or possibly a video on here soon. This video is intended to show you the correct way to perform this routine.

To start, here are some things I do before I even start the routine.

Plan: Make sure you try and decide a good time in the day to do the routine. It is not so much important that you work out the same time on the same day every week. Instead just do the routine at least 4 times a week spread out at least a day apart, but no more than two. Try doing two days, then a day off, then another two days.

Mind: Make sure you are in the right mindset. You want to be prepared to push yourself past your limit. Your mind can tell you your body is tired, however, your body can go much longer and harder than you think. With that said, please do not hurt yourself. Focus hard on what you are doing along with your goals.

Music: Personally I like to listen to music a little time before I begin my routine and during it as well. I listen to music that gives me energy and focus. For myself, it is some good “Crystal Method” or Hard Rock. Everyone has their own taste. Some may not want any music when working out.

Food: Make sure you have some food in your stomach. Never workout on an empty stomach. A good protein shake will do.

The Routine

The routine is short and it is simple. It will take you no more than 20 minutes plus other exercises you wish to add. How to get fit.

1. Ball Push Ups. Place both your hands on a medicine ball or stack of books. Center yourself over the ball/books in a push-up position. This exercise may cause some pain in your wrists the first few times. This is normal, it is because you have not used those muscles before. To start, I would suggest balancing on your knees instead of toes to make it easier. Try and do about 15 of these or as many as you can, then a little more. You always want to push yourself past that limit. Just remember it is your mind telling you you’re tired. Overcome that and try and go a little farther each time. You only want to do one set of 15 or however many you are comfortable with.

2. Sit Ups. Do standard sit-ups about 25-30 followed immediately by 25-30 half sit-ups, or crunches. Lift only your shoulder blades off the floor for the second set

3. More ball push-ups. This time with one hand on the ball/books the other to the side on the floor. Alternating hands try and do 10 on each side.

4. More sit-ups. This time hold the ball or a heavy object above your head while laying on the floor. Above the head, I mean as if you were on your back with your arms straight out towards the wall the top of your head is facing. Holding the ball, legs flat on the floor, do sit-ups using your abs keeping your arms straight. Up and down as many times as you can. You then want to put the ball or object down. Sit up on your tailbone, with your knees up, as if you are doing a V sit. Instead, you bring your knees into your chest as you sit up balancing on your tailbone, then extend your legs straight out (low to the floor) as you lower your torso(upper body) back down keeping your head off the ground. Basically, your V sitting into a crunch, but staying on your tailbone area the whole time. Back and forth as many times as you can.

5. Last push-ups. Push up position. Go down to about an inch or 2 off the ground. Keep your body flat and straight. Hold for 10 seconds. Push Up. Go back down again and hold for 5 seconds. And Up. Do 10 pushups without breaks. Go back down and hold for 5 seconds. Up. Down for 10 more seconds. Up. 10 more push-ups.

6. Finally, do the last set of sit-ups. Same as the first set only reverse. Do your crunch’s first then sit-ups after.

You’re DONE! The key to this routine is to not take long breaks between sets. You want to go hard the whole time. This will build strength and stamina at the same time. This work out focuses on your core quite a bit.

These steps are in all 3 of my routines. I add other exercises in my routines such as curls, chin-ups, deadlifts, etc. It is up to you to add your extra steps. My extra steps vary between 3 different routines I do, however, these 6 steps I have listed here, are always done somewhere within my routine. Either at the beginning or throughout. Never at the end. I find this is a good warm out routine as well, so I like to do it before weights.

I plan to add my 3 full routines, curls, chin ups etc. Look for new posts!

To conclude, you should try and go for a run 3 or more times a week. 15 or 20 minutes is good. Light running really helps with flushing out lactic acids or little extra fats. Running or biking in a way sums up the workout to make your skin and body look fit and healthy.

Thank you and Enjoy!

Featured Image: 30 Seconds

Source by Dalex Alexander