Simple and Effective Exercises

Strength training should be a very important part of any exercise training program. Many people focus on one type of exercise whether it is running or weight lifting, however, doing one creates an imbalance in the body. To balance the body you should incorporate both strength training and cardiovascular exercises into your fitness regime. Strength training is important because it builds your muscles and makes them stronger. This plays an important role in maximizing the movement of the body as well as preventing injury through physical exertion.

One of the most important key muscle groups is your core muscles or abdominals. These muscles are located around your midsection and play a vital role in stabilizing the body especially the pelvic and spinal area. A strong core area will ensure your body moves with optimum power and effectiveness during exercise routines. Strong ab muscles are also less prone to injury when lifting heavy weights.

Your core muscles are in some way always working when you are moving your body. You do not have to strengthen your core muscles by lifting weights. In certain exercises, it does not require any movement to strengthen these groups of muscles. By developing a strong core base you will be able to exercise more effectively and efficiently.

These two abdominal exercises are very simple to do. You also do not require any expensive training equipment as all you need is your body, gravity and a flat surface.

The Leg Extension Plank

This is a more challenging variation of the basic plank exercise. To begin the exercise lie flat down on a yoga mat. Place your elbows below your shoulders and have your forearms pointing straight ahead with both hands kissed together. Raise your belly button towards your spell so that your whole body is raised and supported by both forearms and the toes of each foot. Raise one leg upwards in the air including your back remains straight. Lower the leg and raise the other. Try and keep your body as stable as you can.

The Side Plank

This variation of the plank has you lying on your side. Your body weight is supported by the lower elbow. Ensure your body remains in a straight line. Begin to raise your body up until the weight of your body is resting on your lower foot and elbow. Your other arm can be placed flat on the side or if you like a further challenge you can raise it straight in the air.

If you have any medical condition or injury then always consult a doctor or physician for advice before doing any new type of exercise.

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