Losing weight and getting back in shape is pretty much on everyone’s agenda these days. The lifestyle changes have created the newfound menace of obesity, today. We exercise diet and religiously follow every instruction laid out by the personal trainer and dietitian, to shed the extra pounds. But once we hit the ideal weight mark, the fire dies out. This slackness results in further weight gain and then we are back to square one. After months of rigid dieting and exercise regimen, we must still continue to take care of our body to counter further weight gain. Safeguarding ourselves from weight gain is a challenge in itself that can be met by healthy lifestyle changes and complete focus. A few tips that can aid you are mentioned below.

Tip # 1: Stay Focused:

Further weight despite following a strict weight loss program for a few months can be a common problem. We must understand that staying fitter and slimmer not only makes us look gorgeous but makes us healthy and livelier. Weight gain can be dealt with by making a conscious and concentrated effort to maintain weight by doing a few things and avoiding a few. When you love your body, weight is thrown out of the question, since you know how to maintain it diligently.

Tip # 2: Monitor Weight:

Monitoring your weight allows you to check your gain. Check your weight once a week and ensure that you hit the gym if you notice that you have gained weight. Slight weight gain can be dealt with easily, within a matter of days. The lack of monitoring can once again make you overweight and work harder to lose more kilos. A study suggests that those who monitor their weight frequently avoid the risk of weight gain and the consequent hassles.

Tip # 3: Create Network:

Find a few kindred spirits and discuss your further gain problems with them. The members of the support group can share their experiences and long-term solutions for further weight gain that they practice. A support network can provide one with all the positive energy necessary to stay on course. You can learn a whole lot of new things from the discussions and know the pertinence of maintaining your weight. Your efforts will be appreciated and encouraged by the support group members and you can cherish long-term friendships with a few, too.

Tip # 4: Regular Exercise:

The best way to check further gain is regular exercise regimen. Even if your body weight is ideal, continue to exercise for at least half an hour a day. Make it a daily affair as much as possible and the benefits will make themselves similar. A moderate physical activity, every day for 30-60 minutes can do wonders for your body. Go to the gym, run, jog, walk or swim as you please, to keep off the further weight gain.

Tip # 5: Consistent Diet:

Exercise combined with a healthy diet can always bring better results. Weight can be confronted with a balanced and consistent diet that has all the essential ingredients. Stay away from saturated fats, sweets, smoke and alcohol for fighting further weight gain. Eat nutrient rich servings of vegetables, whole grains, and fruits, daily. Opt for low calorie or low carbohydrate diet if possible, to avoid further weight gain. Consistent diet results in the body maintaining the perfect weight and staying away from further weight gain.

Tip # 6: Control Desire:

It is human to succumb to the temptation of the taste buds, when savory trips are displayed in front of you, in a party. Most of the times we invariably give in to the urge to taste something really ‘mouth-watering’. Try to remember the past experiences with weight gain and concentrate on your goal. Control the desire to engorge it and get away with a few bits to taste. This can be harder to practice but it is definitely wiser.

Tip # 7: Counter Stress:

Stress has always been associated with further weight gain. Stress can result in binge eating and emotional eating. Many people resort to emotional eating when they are bored, lonely, anxious, nervous, angry, sad and depressed. This over-eating can result in excess weight gain and the problems that follow. You can seek the help of a counselor to deal with all kinds of stress. Moreover, it is extremely important to understand that stress can never be a solution in itself and it is harmful to your body.

Tip # 8: Drink Water:

Water can help you immensely in your weight maintenance programs. Weight gain can be successfully countered by drinking plenty of water, every day. Water removes toxins and fat by flushing it out of our system. Drinking water can also make you feel full and less hungry so, the body takes less food. This ensures in effectively dealing with further weight gain. Water also helps the body to confront all kinds of illness and to fight them.

Tip # 9: Sleep Well:

Sleep can be a remedy for many physical and emotional problems. Weight gain can be avoided by getting more sleep. Sleep is a great tool that can make you feel mentally and physically fresh. A sleep-deprived person feels less energetic and so, he/she embarks on an energy gaining spree by eating more calories than necessary that in turn contribute to weight gain. Extra sleep can also help you to abstain from munching on oily, calorie-ridden and nutrient devoid snacks that result in further weight gain. After getting extra sleep, you feel like starting a new day afresh with plenty of physical activity.

Tip # 10: Healthy Lifestyle:

A lifestyle change is the key to stopping further weight gain. Physical activity and a healthy diet can bring you back into shape but including them can stop further weight gain and all the related issues. If you strictly include both and all other healthy practices in your daily life, the result can be magical. For a long-term solution to weight gain, you must make up your mind for a better lifestyle change that includes good habits, good food and plenty of activity. Our ultimate goal is to stay fit and healthy and that includes a few sacrifices that are bearable, so stay focused!

Featured Image: Online Health Wiki

Source by Brad Wesslerr