Are you going to attend a special event – a party or sometimes a date? If you want elegance and a classic look combined in one – go for cocktail dresses. They are not just classy and elegant to wear; there is also a variety that you can choose from. But first of all, you must follow the trend. The more skin you bare, the more stunning you will look so I highly recommend that you go for short cocktail dresses. In choosing your dress, consider your shape and height. When the designers are thinking about how to sew their masterpieces, they first imagine the lady that will be wearing it. If it is a petite lady, they have special styles so that the dress and the woman’s body will go in tandem.

For petite ladies who usually have a small body frame, you should try wearing a short cocktail dress with a ruched top and a stylish draped front design. If you very curvaceous, you should pick the color black. For the footwear, you can buy stilettos – red, silver, or bronze will be a perfect match for a sexy black cocktail dress. Your makeup can be a little nude with bronzer for your cheeks. Trust me, you’ll love this look. The hair can be a little frizzy or you can have it curled. You can have a brushed up hairdo too. It usually depends on the shape of your face.

In choosing a dress for skinny ladies, I suggest that you buy a sexy halter mini dress. It can have a plunging deep front cut (very sexayyyyy!), Or open back. The fabric can be glitter accented for a more seductive look. For fair skinned ladies, you can pick Red. Match it with gold sandals with straps for the ankles. If you are tall, you can go for flats but if you are petite, you can go for stilettos that come with straps too. This will make your legs look longer.

For women who have larger body frames, you can pick short cocktail dresses that can make you look slimmer. This can be a V-neckline sexy dress with a balloon-like skirt. The lays can be a very elegant thin gold strap that is beautifully tied with a petite ribbon. Black is a classic color that can make one person look thinner. Do not go for large curls for the hair because it can make you look even portlier. Just iron your hair. Have a sexy brush up for your hair. Wear a nice pair of earrings and that’s if – you’re the princess of the night.

Beautiful ladies reading this article do not forget to match up your accessories, shoes, makeup, and hairdo – a stunning look does not always depend on the short cocktail dress. A mismatch with the important elements in dressing up will do a “fashion chaos” and this time, you’ll be the center of attention too because they will talk about how your outfit turned out to be a disaster. Trust me with this and have a confident walk with your fabulous and trendy Short Cocktail Dress.

Featured Image: Pinterest

Source by Jennifer Hartson