Tea party hats signify fashion as well as elegance. The trend of wearing this hat can be traced to royalties of yesteryear. At that time, you would have found all ladies wearing beautiful hats for protecting their faces from the rays of the sun. Like those days now also these hats are not merely accessories but they are fashion statements for ladies who love to dress up elegantly. Therefore, if you are planning to attend any special tea party with your beau or your husband, then let a beautiful hat be the final accessory.

Nowadays these parties are also organized with a theme; therefore if you are wearing a hat reflecting the theme of the party then you are all the more bound to get more attention. So you can decorate your hats with artificial bird’s nest or any article used in fairy tales if the theme is any fairy tale. Otherwise, you can decorate your hat with artificial flowers and laces or even better with fresh flowers.

There are various kinds of tea party hats available in the market. Those of you who want to go back to the era of the yesteryear royalties can don hats with lots of feathers and flowers like the ladies used to wear during the rule of Queen Victoria and King Edwards. You can also try out the romantic hats of the Victorian era which are mostly handcrafted and come with floral variations. To give a period look to them these hats are hand dyed. Silks, brocades and organza are the materials used to make these hats and they are decorated with beautiful laces. These hats are easily available in various online and retail stores and if you want you can also easily get the tea party hat kits to make your own customized hats.

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Source by Taina W. Harmon