Weddings are great occasions that are full of happiness and love. It is also a time to meet new people and what way to impress better then a flirty dress. There are many types of dresses available, but the best type of dress to wear for a wedding is a cocktail dress. There are a number of cocktail dresses available but only a few are acceptable to be worn at a wedding.

-One Shouldered: A one shoulder dress is a good dress to wear at a wedding because it is a mix of flirty and elegance. Many women who are not comfortable with a fully strapless dress design opt for a one shoulder giving them a perfect blend of balance between the two styles.

-Strapless: Strapless dresses are one of the most flirty and cute dresses available for women. This dress reveals a lot of skin including the collar, shoulders, and some cleavage, but it is not too much where it becomes provocative. That is the secret on the attractive style of the strapless dress; the fact that it is revealing enough to be sexy yet classy enough to be elegant.

-Backless: A backless dress design is another popular flirty dress because it reveals a lot of skin. The difference between this type of dress and the others is that from the back, the dress is very sexy and from the front it is extremely classy. This is the perfect balance of two ends of the spectrum and is a great choice for a wedding guest.

-Halter Top: Halter tops are another good choice. It is much less revealing than the dresses that show more skin, but it is more elegant and suited for the mature women who wants to dress flirty.

There are many ways to accessorize cocktail dresses, but for weddings, the best way is to keep jewelry to a minimum. Subtle silver earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are acceptable but they should be small pieces. Bold accessories and bigger pieces are very tacky and not suitable for a wedding event. As far as the length of the dresses go, they should be anywhere between a few inches above the knee to a few inches below it. The fit of the dress should also be very flattering to show off the hips and natural curves of the body. The key is to play strong points and minimize weak points to look as flirty and fun as possible.

Source by Warren McGoverns