Chances are that you may be looking for a new look. Maybe you are tired of your hair colour or the style and cut of it. No matter the reason, it is always refreshing to get a new look. So if you are looking for that new, great look for yourself, then why not look to the stars to see what’s hot. Some of the best styles can be found in the top celebrity hairstyles.

Hollywood has always been the foundation for some of the best hairstyles. No matter whether you are a man or a woman, finding the right look can come easily when looking at the new styles the celebrities are sporting. You can find styles to fit every length of hair. Celebrities are used to having their great looks maintained by their own personal stylists but you do not have to go to those lengths to keep up the same do.

The first step in finding the style to suit you would be to look at the celebrity news websites or magazines. These are great places to see the stars with the new looks. Many times, you will see the same stars sporting the same styles such as Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston. Both show the look great but they pay a pretty price to keep it looking that way. You can do this in your own home without all of the fancy styling products or the costly stylist.

Be sure to go with a colour that suits your skin’s tone so you do not give yourself a washed out look. Some colours may even brighten your skin tone, giving you a glow and overall younger appearance. Not sure what colour will look good? Many websites offer a free program to use with your own picture. You can see what you will look like with various styles and colours without having to worry about stripping your hair.

No matter what colour you decide on, the trendiest of styles seems to be short and curly. The side part is still in big as you can see on both Elizabeth Banks and Jessica Alba. This style resembles the some of the popular styles from the 1920s. This is a good style and will fit most any shape of a face. It is also easily maintained, so doing this style in your own home will be a cinch.

Perhaps you lean more towards the longer styles. If that is the case, then you will want to look at various styles of people such as Lucy Liu who always looks her best no matter what style her long hair is in. You can also go with a curly style like Beyonce. For this type of style, you will want to be sure to keep your hair happy and healthy with plenty of bodies and shine in it.

No matter what style you choose to go with, make sure to check out the styles that the celebrities are wearing. You will be sure to pick a great style that will be hip and trendy.

Featured Image: Fitfru Style
Source by David Yu