With Thanksgiving just around the corner, you’ll want to give some thought to what you’ll wear for this festive holiday. Whether you are going out to dinner, hosting a gathering, or attending Thanksgiving dinner at a family member’s or friend’s home, you’ll want to plan an outfit that is simply perfect for this holiday.

Wear Loose-Fitting Garments

Even if you have absolutely no problem areas to cover up, you’ll probably want to avoid tight-fitting clothing for this holiday that is a celebration of food as well as a time for gratitude. You do not want to wear pants that are so tight that you’ll have to pass on the mashed potatoes or decline dessert. In fact, you can opt for “materials that skim your body” without clinging to it.

Fall Colors

If you are not sure what colours to wear, you can always opt for colours of the season like dark brown, orange, mustard, and deep shades of green. Autumn colours are still in style around Thanksgiving time so you can put together an attractive ensemble that reflects the time of year.


You can dress up a plain outfit with a bold scarf or even a faux fur collar. Scarves are always attractive during the cold season, and they can also help you pull your Thanksgiving out together. Dressing up a comfortable outfit still allows you to be comfortable, and “you must be comfortable in what you wear to take part in the family games or taking nap after the dinner.” (1)

Classic Black

Wear a timeless black dress or pants suit is always elegant and stylish. You can add a pair of pumps, a scarf, or a special jewel – a family heirloom like a cameo or something that sparkles for the holidays. You can also spruce up a plain blouse and slacks with a nice black blazer or cardigan.

Cozy Sweater

A baggy sweater with a comfortable pair of slacks is perfectly acceptable for wearing to Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, if you are going to a crowded event and plan to drink wine, you might want to consider how hot you’ll be in that sweater too. Wear something that will not make you sweat.


A great velvet blazer can dramatically dress up a casual blouse and slacks. Additionally, velvet slacks or a velvet blouse can also be stylishly dressy yet still comfortable. Velvet is always a great material to wear for fall and winter holidays.

Create a Lovely Silhouette

No matter what you wear on the outside, be sure that you wear a comfortable yet supportive bra benefit your outfit to create an attractive silhouette. Moreover, when you wear a bra that fits perfectly, you’ll actually look better in your clothing.

Consider these style tips when putting together your holiday outfit. You can enjoy your Thanksgiving celebration and look great at the same time.


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