Call it an era where money does not matter if unique wine racks are concerned. A quick tour through dining rooms of US celebrities will reveal you pieces ranging from $ 200 for one bottle metal wine rack to $ 115.000 for a designer wrought iron unique wine rack. Many Hollywood superstars know no limits when a statement of uniqueness and luxury needs to be made. Whoever decides to spend a small fortune for a wine bottle rack, they want to be sure they own the only example ever produced, made just for them with exclusive rights to that specific design. Some of the younger stars in legendary Martin Scorsese movies soon found out that alongside owning a 10 million dollar yacht a 100,000 dollar wine rack in their villa is a must have to be accepted in a society of super vain and wealthy.

So how much uniqueness do you get for $ 200? For that kind of money, you can get special, single bottle angle stands metal wine rack, made of high polished silver plated metal plate, creatively combined with a couple of grams of special mahogany carved in the style of your choice. One bottle rack? It means exactly that. This piece of mini wine furniture holds one single bottle. The fascination of those single bottle rack solutions is that they can be placed on any table and just look great. But you are so wrong if you think this one bottle silver wine rack costs only $ 200 just because the price says so. This single bottle unique piece of wine accessory cannot stand without a bottle in it. And this bottle better is worth at least $ 100 if you do not want the combination of rack and wine to fall out kind of silly. A way to get out of those additional $ 100 for a wine bottle is to get a cheaper wine champion from a small country that tops the worlds wine quality charts but cannot produce that many bottles to be able to settle in minds of super-rich people. Those bottles are of best quality, overmatching any $ 400 wine in the world but really low on price, usually under $ 90. You may try wines originating from the costal area of Alp country Slovenia.

We are moving closer to those exclusive metal wine accessories, starting at $ 400 and ending in unimaginable heights. Can you get unique metal wine racks for under $ 500? Yes, you can. It really depends on how unique and special your wine rack needs to be. A decision to order a custom-made wrought iron metal wine rack for 15 bottles will cost you around $ 500. You can expect to get simple lines, traditional wrought iron look. No special ornaments or special iron aging patinas can be expected for that price. For a custom metal wine rack made of stainless steel and with special design features, you should expect to pay well over $ 1500. Really expensive and exclusive metal wine racks that go well beyond $ 10,000 are mostly an artistic and creative combination of specially crafted iron and dark heavy wood, capacities of 50+ bottles. You may think you can get so much more for a $ 100,000. But the truth is there is no real difference in quality between a $ 10,000 and $ 100,000 wine rack. Within this price span, the designer name and popularity start to play that crucial role in price difference. So you may get a perfectly unique wine rack for $ 10,000, but for $ 100,000 you get Art!

For all average people who do not intend to spend more than $ 1000 on a unique metal rack, there is one simple advice. Search for metal wine racks that come from smaller producers. Do not look for them in stores that are selling every kind of furniture. Focus on specialized wine accessories stores. And forget any -made in China- racks, those are produced in millions. Finding your wine rack in a small specialized wine store will most probably mean there are not more than 400 people in the world owning the same metal wine rack. With smaller stores, it should not be a problem checking out how many pieces of the same rack have been sold. You may even be able to get in contact with the producer directly and pick out that really limited production rack. Afterwards, you have every right to claim that you really own a unique metal wine rack.

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Source by Melanie Hudson