Whether a complete retro restyles is on the menu or you’re simply looking for a few choice items to spice up a room, investing in some funky 60s and 70s inspired furniture is a fabulous way to create a retro atmosphere that will make your home the talk of the town.

Going retro does not necessarily mean repainting everywhere in garish oranges or wild geometric patterns (although if done well, this can look great on a feature wall). Adding some funky furniture can immediately add something young and modern, especially in clean, simple rooms decorated in bright block colors. The resulting effect can be oh so stylish and contemporary, but with a definite tip of the hat to the past, creating an atmosphere that is confident, creative and incredibly cool.

It’s easy to find funky seating that produces an instant retro feel when its audacious lines and design enter a room. Other furniture items, in particular, wooden furniture such as tables and sideboards, can be used to the same effect. You can also look out for furniture finished in shiny lacquers or other bold materials such as shiny chrome which, if perhaps not authentically retro, are eye-catching and stand out with the same confident coloring and tone. The most important thing in a retro overhaul is to pay particular attention to picking out furniture with fabulous design. It’s all about choosing feature pieces with geometric, attention-grabbing lines. You can always offset its brashness with simple, understated, black painted walls.

Adding funky retro seating to a room is an effective and easy option when jazzing up a room. Just one fabulous sofa or feature chair will draw the eye and lend a whole new air to a tired room. It’s a great alternative to revamping the entire decor and furnishings and much cheaper too. Bright colors, bold design, and eye-catching patterns will all work well, and be sure to check out classic retro seating such as egg chairs and bubble seats.

In terms of tables, dining chairs, and other furniture, you should go for clean, simple lines and sharp design. If in doubt, go with a classic Scandinavian style that conjures up images of the retro period while still offering contemporary cool.

You could do worse than throw some classic furniture pieces into the mix, such as a sideboard … remember those things? Nothing brings back the essence of the 60s and 70s like a good sideboard when it comes to furniture. Sideboards these days are not just about storing the good china; they’ve been reinvented as TV tables and other handy items. And the storage space that they do offer is always appreciated in the modern household.

Now we said it before, but it’s worth saying again. Funky chairs and retro seating really is an excellent way to add some spice into your living room life, or any other room for that matter.

Featured Image: Pinterest

Source by Rakz Patel