Picking a party costume can always be nerve-wracking but armed with the right information and a little bit of inspiration and thought you can put together the perfect James Bond party costume. Although this applies equally to both sexes, we’ll start with the Bond girls as they often have the biggest questions relating to James Bond events.

The Bond girls

If you don’t know Moneypenny from Pussy Galore and you’ve been invited to a James Bond themed event or party then choosing a costume can be a nightmare. In so many of the films, the Bond girl seems to appear in little more than a bikini – or just a layer of gold paint – which makes finding a costume that is actually suitable or decent that much harder.

In fact, if you take a look at a complete list of Bond girls you’ll find many who wear costumes that are much more suitable for a costume party than a bikini and while you can simply wear a cocktail dress and look the part, there are many other options too.

If you’re not familiar with the Bond movies then the best advice is to find a list of the Bond girls to get an overview of what it’s all about. One option you have is to pick a Bond girl and dress like her, but there are options for generic Bond-girls too – for example, the cocktail dress mentioned above looks good for the casino, and a black catsuit would also work. Or you could dress as Blofeld’s cat, a white, fluffy Persian cat that appears in several films.

Dress as 007

The obvious choice here is to wear a tuxedo, but if everyone is going to dress the same you need to start thinking a bit. If you’re intent on a tux then try and think what period Bond you want to be – try a ruffled dress shirt for George Lazenby or flares and wide lapels for Roger Moore.

Other options include a scuba mask and snorkel. Although you’d be too hot with a wetsuit you could team this up with a white tux like in Goldfinger. And if you want something very different then think of the villains and henchmen. Get some steel teeth and you’re suddenly Jaws, a dark suit and steel-rimmed bowler hat and you’re Odd Job. These are simple outfits but will be instantly recognizable and make you stand out.

There we have a quick overview of choosing a costume for a James Bond party or other events. Remember that if you’re the host that you should try and make it as easy as possible for your guests and include some suggestions with the invitations.

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Source by David Leigh