Party Fashion

Perhaps, there is nothing more strenuous than scouting for the perfect party outfits. Party clothing is essentially difficult to shop for because of the sheer variety and options out there. Formals, casuals are pretty easy to spot and select but party wear offers us the luxury to go for anything which is exactly why people get perplexed. Furthermore, there are so many types of parties that any party clothing may also be specified for a particular event. A music festival may demand a certain type of party wear whereas an underground music concert would demand a different specter of party outfits.

Here are three recommendations if you want to get your party outfit right and storm into the scene.


Raver is a culture in the party scene. The word is derived from rave and is most commonly associated with the underground music scene. We can consider electronic dance music culture, dubstep, techno, trance and similar genres of music and parties that have a generous dose of such ambiance call for party wear resembling or adhering to the norms of raver culture. So what does the raver culture actually speak of or demand in party wear? In short, it demands wild a party outfit. Party clothing could be super slim, super short ones, uncannily weird ones or it can be outright eccentric. Irreverent may be a word used by people with an affinity to formal wear and common casual clothing. Party clothing gets a redefinition in raver culture. Whether it is the hats, the tutus, glow toys or the fascinating stockings, raver culture party wear is a hit across all major metros in developed countries.


Bohemian is the hippy culture. This is not new and stretching from the streets of Paris to the rock culture in the US, the hippy culture has been around and has only enhanced its outreach. We commonly associate the hippy culture with rock music, jam bands and party outfits such as vests, patchwork clothes, sandals and others work just fine. The number of choices is also aplenty in this type of party clothing. Bohemian party outfits are a tad conservative compared to raver culture but they are attractive and happening nonetheless.

Burning Man

The burning man type of party outfits is relatively new. This style can be considered to be a blend of the raver and bohemian culture and mixes both of them finally to have a new genre of party wear.

Which style of party where you should pick would depend on where you are headed and what suits your fancy?

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Source by Joe Anthony Johnson