Every day normal sized men and women are spoiled for choice at the sight of clothes in various sizes, colours, shapes, cuts, trends and styles. All the online apparel stores, designer fashion houses, departmental stores, alls, boutiques vie with each other and take the help of every trick in the book to lure customers with their eye-popping range of sartorial statement pieces.

But it was sad to see that oversized or plump people always had to be content with wearing ill-fitting loose lousy and lumpy outfits which could easily be termed as fashion disasters. No one cared a penny for the fashion demands of plus-sized or oversized men and women even a few years ago.

These not so fortunate people, who can not boast of an hourglass figure or a slim and trim physique feel thankful to find that the fashion world has woken up to the needs of oversized customers and is currently focusing on developing fashionable clothes that are not restricted to size 0 or size 3 or size 5 that can be worn only by anorexic or twiggy models.

In fact, plus sized people combine a surprisingly great share of the designer apparel market and the world of designer couturiers have woken up rather late to the potentiality of this lucrative segment.

Most of the online designer stores, high-end departmental stores, designer boutiques and outlets are now stocking good numbers of extra large clothes in sizes like XL or XXL in pretty designs, soothing or bright colours, trendy styles and eye-catching designs. Big global brands and high-end fashion homes are also creating separate lines targeted at oversized customers.

Featured Image: teenvogue
Source by Nick Schofield