In a recent study, 35 percent of people named their bathroom as their favorite room in the house. It’s not surprising really when you look around and see the gadgets and gizmo’s that are now available to help you relax in your inner sanctum.

We’ve now got remote controlled showers that you can turn on at the press of a button and have it run warm until you’re ready to get in, no more standing huddled in the corner of the cubicle waiting for it to warm up! You can pre-set the temperature of the shower to suit you, no more having to turn the shower on and get the shock of your life when you find out that the person before you had the water set to scale.

You can now get shower cubicles that double as a steam room, complete with radio and a seat to help you get the maximum enjoyment of your shower/steam experience. Hard to believe really that only fifty years ago it was commonplace for Sunday to be bath night and for that event to take place in a steel tub in front of a coal fire, worst of all it generally mean five or six people sharing the same water!

You can even get self-closing and opening toilet seats, the time and energy they must save!

Spa, whirlpool [] and bubble baths are now a more often than not feature in a family home, once the reserve of the upper classes now even the normal Joe Public can splash out and get one (pun intended)
True spa baths offer hydro-therapeutic benefits over a whirlpool bath or a conventional bath [] using directed jets of hot water to massage specific parts of the body. Spa baths are generally used to promote healing or feelings of relaxation. Back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s Spa towns were the true holiday destinations for the wealthy folk in society, now you can just travel to your own bathroom to experience the relaxation and therapy that a spa bath has to offer.

Whirlpool baths are fantastically popular at the moment. Although not offering the same reputed health benefits as a spa bath they do come close to being able to offer the same relaxation level.
Whirlpool baths typically have one or two suction openings to draw in and circulate water around the bath, this creates a Jacuzzi type effect but without the jets of water.

The choice of materials used in the bathroom is more varied than ever with more and more people now using wood, glass, ceramic and metal to create unique and elegant bathroom ensembles.
Bathroom tiles used to be a thing of simplicity; you could have any color you wanted as long as it was white. Today we even have tile superstores selling every possible style and shape of ceramic tile as well as slate, porcelain and marble and even granite. Gone are the days where plain old white ceramic tiles will do.

Mosaic tiles, border tiles, and even textured tiles are all the rage at the moment.

Is the vanity of the time you spend in the bathroom or in the time that you spend putting your bathroom together?

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Source by Harwood E Woodpecker