Many of us secretly wish we were celebrities. It seems like they have everything going for them! They each have a great job, an amazing house and at least two vacation homes, and gorgeous clothing. The catch about that clothing, of course, is that they never need to purchase it! Top designers create masterpieces specifically for them so that they show off their latest projects out on the red carpet. The celebrity receives beautiful, but free, clothing and the designer’s name is spoken on every major television network as well as reviewed in the top magazines.

It is a win-win situation for everyone. An exception, of course, for us non-celebrity individuals. We end up mesmerized by the star’s many outfits and convince ourselves that we need Sarah Jessica Parker’s jacket or Paris Hilton’s latest designer sunglasses. The truth of the matter is that we simply can not afford them. The Vera Wang jacket is at least $ 1200 and the shades carry a similar heart-stopping price of $ 450. We realize how unfair it is that the individuals who can actually afford these items never even pay for them in most circumstances.

The good news is, though, that you CAN dress like a celebrity and not break the bank! You simply need to keep your eye out for great deals and not be afraid to get creative. All designers take cues from the ones at the top. They are watching the red carpet as closely as you are and they are modifying the designs to make them more affordable. Without you get lucky and happen upon a Vera Wang jacket at an estate sale or in a thrift store, I am afraid to sell this item will be high as well. However, you can own something that looks close!

You should do your research on which designers create affordable high fashion designs. I promise you that they are out there and they are easier to find then you may think. Do not be afraid to order items online. This method often finds you the best prices and you can always exchange it if it does not fit. The internet is also the best place to find discounted designer sunglasses. You can actually get the real brand for a reasonable price. As long as you are willing to put in the extra effort, you will be able to look like a celebrity and not spend a fortune!

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Source by Jane Worthington