One thing that remains the same year after year is the popularity of the Kids Wonder Woman Costume. Women and girls do not seem to tire of the famous DC Comic Wonder Woman Costume. Women and girls love to dress like a superhero so they can feel powerful, beautiful and sexy.

The history of the Kids Wonder Woman Costume began in 1974 with a television movie starring Cathy Lee Crosby but did not resemble the superhero character since she had no superhero powers and she was blonde. Then in 1975 a Wonder Woman Movie which starred Lynda Carter televised and was a huge success. The Wonder Woman Costume she wore in that movie is what was reproduced and is what is still marketed today. The movie was such a big hit that there were many more episodes and seasons that followed.

The movie began on an island where beautiful and ageless Amazons lived who had great strength, agility, and intelligence. The Amazon princess Diana ends up rescuing the handsome Trevor and helps him get better. Her mother decides whoever wins the games will bring Trevor back to the United States but she tells Diana she is not allowed to participate. Diana wears a blonde wig and enters the contest and tied for first place. The contest is decided by bullets and bracelets. Diana wins and removes her wig to reveal her identity. Her mother then sends her to the United States with her blessing. Wonder Woman’s costume was designed to feature American symbols in the hope that she would have accepted in her new home and the golden belt was her source of strength and power. She keeps her bullet-deflecting bracelets and also gets a golden lasso which is indestructible and makes people obey and tell the truth when they are bound. This is where the idea of the Wonder Woman costume came from.

Since 1975 you could pretty much always see an abundant amount of girls wearing the Kids Wonder Woman Costume either for Halloween or a costume party. Another reason this costume is still loved by the younger generation is that a cartoon called Justice League and Justice League Unlimited aired episodes on the cartoon network from 2001-2006. They were a team of superheroes which included Wonder Woman. Since April 2006 the episodes still air on Boomerang. They also run on Teletoon every Friday night.

The Wonder Woman Outfit normally comes in red, white & blue but there is also a very pretty pink wonder woman outfit for the girls that like pink.

Featured Image: Funtober

Source by Alta Gale