For women, who are mostly used to dressing up usually, going to a cocktail party and dressing up for it in the most appropriate way can be challenging. Remember that a cocktail party is most probably a formal or a semi-formal affair, so wearing something like denim jeans and sneakers would not do. You have to look elegant and beautiful! So, the first rule is to ditch your jeans and sneakers. Secondly, do not worry about the whole thing. A cocktail party is for fun and enjoyment, therefore you just need to relax and think of your dress.

When you are wondering that what could be the most suitable dress for you to wear to a cocktail party, there are few variables that may exist. For instance, what would be the social setting? Or what time of the day it will take place? These types of factors affect your dressing style.

In order to understand what would be ideal to wear, you first need to consider the received invitation. The invitation can either contain the word ‘casual’ or ‘formal’. This indicates what kind of affair it would be. In case of a formal affair, you need to know that it would be a dressier event, so anything like a long green cocktail dress or a little black dress would look wonderful. However, you need to understand a few things:

Your dress should not be too short; just a little above your knees or just a little down your knee would suffice. You can wear a dress which is as long as touching your ankles or just two inches above your ankles. V-Neck can be a good choice, but again you have to make sure that the neck is not too low because exposing your cleavage would not look sophisticated or decent.

Apart from this, if it is a cocktail party arranged at a weekend afternoon, then an elegant sundress could be the best choice. It should be simple and nothing too revealing. Solid colour dresses would be most suitable to pick, but a little beading and a splash of another colour are OK. Avoid dresses with bright prints!

At a business cocktail party which is more casual, you can wear a skirt (pencil skirt would be the most preferable) with an elegant blouse, whereas if it is more of a formal nature, then women’s suits would be apt.

Source by Cleo D. Pless