Tis the wedding season, and so our newsfeed is filled with lots and lots of photos of friends getting engaged or getting married. We are fed with whole lotta photos of dresses, designs, hairstyles, makeup, jewellery, gossips and what not. But one thing that we women rather love feasting our eyes on is the jewellery, especially the engagement ring. It is that one thing which holds great importance in every conversation and discussion with or without the bride to be. Like the intricate craftsmanship, the stones used, the cut, diamond, style et al. Here is a perfectly curated video that features the transformation of engagement rings in the last 100 years in under 3 minutes. From solitaire and bands to white golds and the war bride style, the transformation of engagement rings is simply stunning. The video begins in 1910 and goes on till 2010 beautifully capturing how the trends have changed over the years.

Take a look how the lacy white style made way for the platinum bands.

Video Courtesy: Mode

How did you get engaged?