Neither it’s a Christmas nor a Brown shoe day; modern girls slip into a shopping plaza and pick a fine pair of Mary Jane shoes. Mary Jane has something girly and womanish in it that lures girls in a mysterious way. Perhaps they are the girl’s most-worn-shoes in the history.

These shoes are featured with a type of strap across the instep and often come with low heels and rounded closed toes. Traditionally, they are worn by girls, but in the past, they were worn by boys as well. In Contemporary days, these shoes maintain wide fame and appeal among the women of all ages too.

In the early 20th century, Brown Shoe Company introduced an advertisement campaign with two characters namely Mary Jane and Buster Brown. Later Mary Jane and the type of shoes she wore became popular in America. Twentieth-century American children and girls identified themselves with this character as well as became more fond of these shoes. Mary Jane shoes became even more popular with the actress Shirley Temple who often wore them in almost all her films.

Among all reasons, girls love Mary Jane most because “they feel more than a girl and yet less than a mature lady.” Girls feel these shoes give a fairy-like feel for them associate themselves with fairy tale characters like Cinderella and Snow White. These shoes are full of youthful spirit and terrific to the girls suiting to any dresses and pants ranging from casual to dressy. Apart from this, they are quite easy to get on and off. Girls look perfectly perfect when they wear these shoes with jeans, skirts, dresses, slacks and almost with any outfit.

One of the important reasons why girls love Mary Jane shoes is they evolved down the history of various models and styles. Low heeled Mary Janes are replaced by high heels; backed are replaced by backless mules, and more overused both in casual and formal occasion ranging from office to marketplace.

Many shoes came and many styles were introduced but Mary Janes are the one which continues to evolve with the modern fashion world and also according to the girl’s desire and expectations. Now, the Hottest fashion buzz is not only the girls love Mary Jane but also the mature women.

Featured Image: Ali Express

Source by Christina Pink