Rules are for those who don’t know what to do with themselves – I don’t really recall who said this or may be it was my advice to someone.

Fashion and style is a very personal matter even for those who love to follow trends. In fact, it is a form of art that can not be contained through do’s and don’ts. Everything is fine as long as you know how to pull it off.

So, who says sneakers are just gym wear or canvas shoes can not be worn with a dress?

Fashion is all about jazzing up various things in the most attractive way. Indeed, it is time to throw some ‘fashion rules’ away and break the stereotypes.

Who’s with us?

Fashion Rule # 1: Trousers are only for the workplace

Trousers Trousers are only for the workplace

With a number of cuts, designs, fits, and fabrics available, you can wear trousers even outside of your office. Teamed up with nice top, high heels, you can wear trouser at a get-together, brunch or even at family dinner.

Trouser can even be worn with tee, sneakers for more causal look. Pep up with sling bag, this look will work as a wonder for your day out.

Fashion Rule # 2: Sneakers are only for the gym

Sneakers Sneakers are only for the gym

Sneakers are one thing that deserves to go out of gym wear segment. Follow celebs likes Rihanna, Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone and wear your sneakers with dresses, skirts, shorts. With the exact dash of fashion, sneakers give you fashionable approach with all comfort.

Fashion Rule # 3: Menswear is just for men

Menswear Menswear is just for men

It’s high time to ditch feminine look and go androgynous. It was Oscars 2011, when Anne Hathaway donned a white Lanvix tuxedo and bow tie, it created a new trend.

There is something really classy about the women wearing men’s clothing, especially tuxedo. Break this major rule and flaunt your curvaceous body in jackets, tailored suits or crisp shirts. Your choice!

Fashion Rule # 4: Sequins are only for the night

Sequins Sequins are only for the night

Fashion is getting bolder with every passing day. Gone are the days when wearing sequins were a night thing. Sequins can look fabulous even during day if it is styled the right way.

Sequined jacket can be paired up with white tank, sequins top can be teamed up with skinny denim. Be little careful while wearing sequins and add edgy appeal to your look.

Fashion Rule # 5: Don’t wear more than one bold colour at a time

Colour Blocking Don’t wear more than one bold colour at a time

How about wearing red and pink same time? You will think twice, aren’t you? Well, this is what colour-blocking is all about.

Wearing one bold colour with another makes  you stand out in crowd with no compromise in your persona. Colour blocking is sassy fun; don’t be afraid to try it.

P.S- No matters how you break these fashion rules, just flaunt your style with élan.