The good news about dresses is that women of all sizes can wear them and look a million dollars for parties and gatherings all year round. Indeed, a classic party dress will stand you in good stead and of course, you can opt for on-trend styles if being fashion forward is more your thing.

The key to finding a party dress to wow and dazzle is understanding what cuts the best suit your body shape as well as choosing accessories to compliment your glitzy garments.

If you have an hourglass figure, a V-line dress will flatter your chest and make the most of some of your best assets. Opt for fabrics that mold to your chest as opposed to swamping it, and balance your upper and lower half by adding texture below the waist. Halter neck dresses are another great buy for curvy figures as they balance out proportions and boost all the best bits.

If curves are what you’re missing, cut-out fabrics work better. Angular body shapes can be softened with necklines that add interest to your chest area. Add a little oomph to curves on your lower half by picking an ensemble that’s flared at the bottom.

Bold prints also work wonders on svelte-hipped girls who want to create curves, and tulip-shaped skirts on party dresses will cinch in your waist and add volume to hips which is rather what you want to do. And if you want to add volume up top then use ruffles to create the illusion of cleavage. Smock topped dresses can achieve this too.

Everyone has body parts that they want to flaunt and those they want to draw attention away from. If your upper arms are one of the areas you want to keep under cover then choose a V neckline with a cap sleeve for the perfect fashion fix.

Pear-shaped girls should choose fabrics that skim the hips. A classic strapless dress can be worn to parties all year round and if they are fitted down to your waist and then flared out in an A-line, this creates the perfect shape for your body.

Furthermore, if a stripy dress is what you’re after then vertical stripes are slimming on everyone but especially good for petite women who want to appear taller. As it goes, if you are a tall woman and you want to draw attention to the body rather than up then horizontal dresses are best suited.

The accessories worn with party dresses finish the outfit so think carefully about these two. Weaving heels adds instant glam to party outfits, therefore select a style with pointed toes if you want to elongate your legs.

Belts can be used to dress your outfit up or down and create a different look if you have more than one party to attend. In addition, belts worn high on the waist accentuate an hourglass figure and vintage buckles and clasps add a touch of chic detailing. So, what are you waiting for; it’s time to go shopping!

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Featured Image: Camille LA VIE
Source by Paul Mcindoe