Pantone, the known and ultimate authority on colour, declared a gorgeous earthy shade of red, Marsala, to be the official colour of 2015. And, ever since then this color is seen making appearance on red carpet, accessories, cosmetics, and in places as well as on things not usually expected.

Sophisticated, simple yet sultry Marsala revamps glamour and luxury while breaking the monotony of contemporary fashion.

Marsala’s universal appeal and vivacity makes it easy for all to embrace it in more than a couple of ways.

Check out 10 ways in which you can flaunt this timeless colour without much effort.

1. Clothing 

Marsala coloured dress Marsala dress

Since the beginning of this year, the trend is to paint the town marsala and not red, hence you must own a minimum of one piece of marsala- dipped clothing. It could be anything-a top, or a dress, a sweater, anything that blends with your style.

2. Nail Paint

Marsala Nail Paint Marsala Colour Nail Paint

If you don’t want to use this colour prominently, yet you want to flaunt this trend then nail paint could be a good option. This colour goes well with any other dark as well as light shade of colour.

3. Lip Shade

Be confident and kiss the world with marsala lips. Might look a little sharp, but definitely a colour that can make heads turn and freeze some glances.

Marsala Lipcolour Marsala Lipcolour

4. Furnishings

Interior Marsala Interior

Dramatic, rich, and full-bodied red-brownish tinged Marsala brings colour warmth into home interiors. The shade adds a bit sophistication and classic texture to the entire charm of the house.

5. Hair Colour

Hair Colour Marsala Hair Colour

Not full marsala but just a touch of it will pep-up the mood and add some zing to your overall personality.

6. Food

From red wine to raspberries, marsala can paints urbanity to your dining table. A slight touch of it can add cosmopolitan feel to your lifestyle.

Marsala Food Marsala Food

7. Wall Colour

A perfect tone of this on your wall can make your home come lively without hurting the eyes.

Marsala Colour wall Marsala Colour wall

8. Footwear

From boots to loafers, you can wear this colour on your feet and flaunt it.

Marsala colour footwear Marsala colour footwear

9. Handbag

Handbag Marsala Colour Handbag

If modestly and minimal style is your thing then go for a handbag of this shade.

10. Jewellery

Jewellery Marsala Colour Jewellery

A minimalistic piece of jewellery like earrings or a pendant or a finger ring of this colour can help you hog all the limelight.

Marsala is not the shade to go over the top with, the minimal usage of it will also add the right touch of trend to anything, be it home, garment, or accessory.