If you are wondering how to fit in the world where “slim is beautiful”, look into the celebrities with full figures for inspiration. They are not in the spotlight for no reason. They are there because they have something to contribute to the industry where they shine may it be in films, television, music, and fashion world. They shine despite having full figures which means that it is not about how you choose your clothes in plus sizes. Rather it is about determining your dreams and reaching high for it. Let’s put some of the popular women plus sizes in the spotlight:

* Toccara Jones is a contender in the reality show America’s Next Top Model which put her in the fashion spotlight. She possesses a positive outlook on life and dreams of becoming the world’s first superstar plus-size model. With her being on America’s Next Top Model, she is indeed not far from becoming one.

* Camryn Manheim is popularly seen in TV shows. She won the Best Supporting Actress in Emmy Award for her role as lawyer Ellenor Frutt on the law drama ‘The Practice’. Hoisting her award in the air and exuberantly declaring, “This is for all the fat girls!”. Camryn shows that girls on women plus sizes can also go a long way.

* Rosie O’Donnell has one heck of a Hollywood success stories. But as she says, “There’s no map to success in this industry – you have to take a knife and hack your way through the jungle.” Indeed, a determination can figure out the way to the top.

Of course, there are many more celebrities that we can feature here just to show that figure size does not really matter. Women plus sizes are just what the body can see but not what the mind can conceive. There is more to life than what meets the eye.

Featured Image:  FANDOM
Source by Cherry Lynn Bonachita