A bedroom vanity, not to be confused with a bathroom vanity, is the perfect addition to a bedroom. The antique style of the vanity has been, and remains, popular amongst women. A stylish piece of furniture, there are many reasons why a bedroom vanity is a good investment.

What is a Bedroom vanity?

A bedroom vanity is very different from a bathroom vanity. It is typically a table that can be sat at with a mirror. Bedroom vanities, also known as makeup tables, are ideal for a woman or teenage girl because they are an excellent way to do your makeup. Bathroom vanities are also very aesthetically appealing and are an excellent addition to any bedroom. They don’t take up much space and are very useful. Most bedroom vanities come with plenty of storage space to store makeup and other accessories, and the mirror is angled so that it is easy to apply makeup comfortably.

A Different Style for Everyone

While the basic design of a bedroom vanity is a table with a mirror and table, there are many variations on the design. There are more elaborate vanities, with lots of storage space, a big mirror, and carved wooden design. Since a bedroom vanity is an old-fashioned piece of furniture wood vanities are popular, as it creates a more classic look. For those that prefer a contemporary look, but like the convenience of a bedroom vanity, there are more understated designs available. Basic glass tables with a stool and mirror are popular, or there are also vanities made out of a colored metal. Bedroom vanities are typically not very wide, and so do not take up much space in the room. In fact, because of the reflection from the mirror, they can create the illusion that the room is bigger than it is. Often they are not just basic mirrors either. There is the option to purchase a vanity with a dual sided mirror; one side that magnifies and one normal side. Some vanities come with more than one mirror so that they can be angled to show three sides of the face. There are also some vanities that have built-in lighting so that one has a better view of their face to apply makeup with.

A bedroom vanity is every girl’s dream piece of furniture, whether young or old. A bedroom vanity is not just any other piece of furniture to them, it is an accessory. It is a place to sit and do your makeup, store your makeup and jewelry and it adds to whatever room it is in. Bedroom vanities can be hard to find, so shop around. Online retailers offer a wide selection of vanities, so do not be afraid to shop online. Do not just settle for any kind of vanity, as there is most likely a bedroom vanity out there to match the rest of the room if you look hard enough

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Source by Randshan J Saldin