Throughout the ages, we have quested for youthful skin and beauty and solutions for under eye dark circles that have concerned both women and men. We have been using special skin treatments and antiaging eye creams which have provided various results. Our quest to rejuvenate, especially to remove under eye dark circles and wrinkles, has created an entire history of anti-ageing products. Since eyes are considered to be the “windows to the soul”, particular attention has been given to creating the best eye wrinkle cream and the best under eye dark circle cream.

Youthful skin and appearance have been a concern for centuries. When we think about Cleopatra, we envision her eyes, alluring and beautiful. It’s reported that she would spend hours applying special eye creams and powders for her queenly appearance. Legend has it that she used to bathe in milk and honey to maintain her youthful skin. Today we (especially women) still desire to know and to apply the ultimate beauty techniques that are available. One of the most common desires, based on ads we see in magazines and on TV, is to find the best anti ageing eye cream, eye wrinkle cream and/or the best under eye dark circle cream on the market today.

Though we may desire the magic of the ultimate anti-ageing eye cream there are other factors to be aware of and a full spectrum approach may be more realistic. First, it is important to be aware of some of the main reasons for under eye dark circles. Antiaging eye cream or that special under eye dark circle cream alone will not do the trick to remove dark circles under eyes.

There are a number of contributing factors to be aware of to reduce or remove dark circles under eyes. Here are a few:

  1. Heredity is one of the main reasons we are who we are. Dark under eye circles can be a matter of inheriting the tendency toward weakened blood capillaries, which are most obvious under eyes. In addition to under eye dark circle cream and antiaging eye cream, taking care to strengthen one’s cardiovascular system and overall health could help diminish those dark circles.
  2. Allergies, especially histamine related, often cause under eye dark circles. You can readily see this in children who certainly are not in the need for antiaging eye cream. Rubbing itchy eyes at any age can increase dark circles.
  3. Overexposure to the sun increases the melanin level in your skin. This is the chemical that makes you tan and can give you those racoon eyes we’ve all seen. This can even darken already dark circles if you have the tendency.
  4. Diet can play a huge factor in how your skin and eyes appear. Without a well-balanced diet and proper nutrition, including vitamins, minerals, enough water, and exercise, a person can suffer in many ways. Often a person’s eyes and skin will reveal that they’re lacking nutritionally or suffering an imbalance. Symptoms ranging from sensitive eyes to acne to dark circles can even indicate more severe conditions.
  5. Lack of sleep, though not specifically a cause as some might think, can indirectly contribute to conditions affecting the skin and eyes. A lack of adequate rest can place great stress on many of the body’s systems, especially if it happens frequently. We’ve all seen the pasty, glassy-eyed look from not getting enough sleep…
  6. Ageing is also considered a factor as we all well know. We’ve all seen “crow’s feet” and have chuckled “laugh lines”. As we age our skin does change often becoming thinner. Thinner skin, especially around the eyes, has the tendency to accentuate any dark circles that may already be present.

The good news is we can reduce the appearance of ageing skin as well as reduce or remove dark circles under eyes. By taking the above factors into consideration and applying the best of them, in addition to using the best anti ageing eye cream, eye wrinkle cream and under eye dark circle cream, a positive, noticeable difference in personal health and beauty can be achieved.

Featured Image: MediMetry
Source by Gil Nelson